exactly {almost to the minute} 1 week ago adam and i were meeting the greatest loves of our lives. when i think back to that day i *almost* forget how awful it was! because of how great it ended up being. i decided not to share with you all my birth story since it really doesn’t matter. in the end i had the two most precious babies any mom could ask for – and isn’t that really what’s important? as i look back at the pictures i realize just how much they have changed already.

breck started out weighing 4 lbs 3 oz. unfortunately for him, he almost immediately started losing weight and the doctors started to get a little concerned {as did momma}. but, in the last 2 days he has begun gaining again and today was weighing in at 3 lbs. 12 oz. – go buddy! it’s very apparent that breck is our laid back, super snuggly boy. when he falls asleep, there’s not much that will wake him {this can make feedings very difficult}. because he’s so little he has these really cute old man wrinkles – and i kind of hope he never loses them. the nurses and doctors all comment on how much he looks like adam and when i hear it, my heart seriously melts.

thatcher on the other hand began weighing 4 lbs 5 oz and immediately started gaining weight. after a couple of days she began loosing the pounds {or ounces I guess} like her brother though and is now coming in at 4 lbs 2 oz. she’s our little feisty girl who isn’t afraid to tell you what she wants. she’s very alert and super strong. she loves to be held and if she knows you’re there, then you better have her in your arms. otherwise she will scream and shout until you do! she studies people and will follow them with her eyes. the other day she was awake for an hour and a half straight! {they say preemies can only stay awake for 30 mins at a time – well she proved them wrong!} people say she has a little more of me in her, but to be honest i don’t quite see it yet. she definitely does not have my blonde hair!
overall the twins are doing phenomenal. a couple of days ago they were even moved to the step-down unit of the nicu {this is for the stable babies}. a lot of you have asked me if we know when they’ll be coming home and unfortunately we don’t. there are some requirements that they have to meet before they can be discharged so we are working on those each day and as soon as we know a date/dates i’ll be sure to let you guys know! for now it’s a day by day kind of thing and we are just taking comfort in the fact that they are very stable at this point. thanks for all of your sweet words – these babies are so lucky to have so many people cheering them on! and this momma is so grateful for all of you!

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