my babies are 10 months! 10. months! i can’t believe we are only 2 months away from their first birthday {maybe i should start planning that…}. these little stinkers have come so far in 10 months. it’s hard to believe {or even remember} that they were once 4 lbs and did nothing but eat + sleep. they are a far cry from their newborn days and are becoming more toddler like everyday. thatcher is “walking” {she takes 4-5 steps, then realizes what she is doing and sits down slowly}, breck is crawling all over the place, and both are speedy gonzales when it comes to climbing up the stairs. they play with each other, sometimes nicely sometimes not, and will even give each other a hug and kiss sometimes {talk about the sweetest most heart bursting thing in the world}! they eat e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and it’s to the point where if i have something, i better be willing to share. thatcher is talking up a storm saying things like baba, mama, dada {her favorite word}, hi, hello, hey, bye bye, yeah, yay, up, and a few other ones {i swear the girl said her first word and the next day was saying 10 more}. breck says mama when he is mad or just wants my attention for something, but otherwise just kind of babbles some nonsense. thatcher has even started singing along with me – it’s seriously the cutest thing ever, she even tries to harmonize when i hold a note. they both pull up on everything and they love to dance. and is it bad that whenever i get out my phone or camera and tell them to say cheese, they both stop what they are doing and smile? wonder how they learned that… life is pretty great with these two. and despite feeling a little sad┬áthat they are becoming┬áless and less like my little babies, i’m so happy and excited to see them grow. these last 10 months have been the best in my life {and craziest} and i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us!

here’s a few pics i snapped this morning:10m1 10m2 10m4 10m5 10m7 10m8 10m9 10m10 10m12 10m11 10m13

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