well friends, this is it. the last monthly milestone before my babies turn 1 year old. 1 year old! no longer infants…now toddlers. i’m gulping down a big knot in my throat and wiping away the small tears already falling down my face and celebrating this last month before we move to the years. this is the hardest month i’ve celebrated thus far. i have so many mixed emotions about this month, but mostly i’m looking forward to all of the fun we are going to have.

11monthsat 11 months old, the twins no longer sit nicely or smile on demand for my pictures. they have minds of their own and are constantly on the go. thatcher is walking/running while breck has more than mastered the crawl {that little stinker is fast!}. keeping up with both of them is starting to become a little challenging and when i’m on my own i mostly try to stick to fenced in parks and playgrounds. and speaking of playgrounds – the twins love them! thatcher climbs up the stairs and sends herself down the slide over and over again, while breck tends to favor this horse ride thingy. thatcher loves to follow the older kids around and do anything they are doing {she tried to ride a scooter the other day!}. breck likes sticking close to me and is usually pretty good at entertaining himself while i’m off chasing thatcher. both of the babies are talking. and it seems like almost everyday they learn another new word. breck loves saying mama, dada, mum mum, more, and most recently banana. thatcher’s favorites are dada, mama, banana, and her most favorite is puppy {this one actually sounds more like diddy, but we know what she means}. they love to be outside and/or with gruber and the way the weather’s been lately the 4 of us have barely been inside. these babies really are the happiest, most laid back babies, and i couldn’t ask for sweeter, more loving little ones. happy 11 months babies {do i have to stop calling them that at 12 months?!}!

11months2by the way, yesterday we headed over to fort york in toronto. we hung out by the canons and an old well. and while i tried to document their 11 monthiversary, they weren’t really being cooperative. forgot teenagers, i have 11 monthagers.

11months311months411months611months711months8^^ getting thatcher to sit still has become impossible!

11months911months1011months1111months12^^ these moments are just the best!


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