12the twins are 12 weeks today! they are really developing such distinct personalities and unfortunately for momma, it’s making it harder and harder to photograph them each week. breck smiles and coos while thatcher screams because his hand touched her, or thatcher grins ear to ear while breck yells because he wants me to put down the camera and talk to him. although they aren’t as easy as they were as newborns i love that i am starting to see who they will be. breck is our thinker and talker and he loves to be engaged while thatcher is strong and just craves human touch. we have started a bedtime routine that begins with a dance party every night. the twins jerkily move their arms and legs while smiling and cooing. it’s the best part of our day! also, the most wonderful thing has begun – the babies are laughing!!!! it’s the most wonderful sound i’ve ever heard! and although they are kind of stingy with it now, i know they are just going to continue to laugh more and more, and that just makes my heart swell.

12two12three12four ^^ thatcher fell asleep about 2 minutes after i pulled out the camera. this is becoming par for the course lately as it seems that they never sleep at the same time. if breck is asleep, thatcher is wide awake and vice versa. this is starting to become a little exhausting so i’m thinking i may try to get them on a specific nap schedule sometime soon. does anyone have any advice on how to do this? i have a hard time with cry it out.

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