the twins turned 16 weeks yesterday! sometimes when they hit their weekly milestone i think about where i was/what was going on that week in my pregnancy. it’s crazy to think that the last time we were celebrating 16 weeks, we were sitting in a cold, dark room hoping they were ok and anxiously awaiting the “crotch shots”. we found out immediately that breck was a boy and by the end of the ultrasound we were pretty sure that thatcher was a girl. and so the name game began…


last week was a busy week and this week is even busier. adam was traveling, and i was so lucky to have my mom come out and help me for the week. actually when i say lucky it’s an understatement. by thursday i had caught a nasty bug that completely knocked me on my butt and also took away my voice. my mom totally came to my rescue, forcing me to rest and nap when i needed it the most. i guess it’s true what they say…sometimes you just need your mommy.

besides that we are getting ready to head down to north carolina for the holidays. adam will be traveling quite a bit in this next month so we decided that it’d be easiest for all of us to drive down and stay for a whole month! i’m a little nervous about getting everything done this week – getting all 5 of us packed {yes, gruber has quite a bit of stuff too}, laundry done, christmas presents bought, etc. it feels a little overwhelming right now, but i know it’ll be so much fun to be around family for that long. have any of you travelled that far with little ones? any tips/advice on how to make it go smoothly?


back to the twins. ^^this picture perfectly captures breck’s favorite activity as of late. if you look closely you can see that he is blowing bubbles. it’s really cute. and also really annoying because he drools all over his clothes when he does it. the twins are really into their activity gyms right now and will entertain themselves all day long under those things. breck smiles and coos at himself in the mirror, while thatcher just seems to get really frustrated that the “person” in the mirror isn’t talking back to her. her sweet cooing eventually turns into her yelling at the mirror. thatcher sat up for the first time a few days ago and has done it a couple of times since. she’s still a little wobbly when she does it, but can hold herself for about 5-10 minutes at a time. breck has begun flipping himself onto his stomach when he sleeps {which totally freaks out momma}. they both still love to dance and music almost instantly calms them. they talk to and smile at each other constantly. and they are in full reach and grab mode.

16w4 ^^ they still love to dance and thatcher gets serious about it! check out that face. also, i love how breck is just watching her. it’s so sweet to see them interact.

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