I’ve been trying to write this post all day, but every time I start it, I get super teary-eyed and have to stop. 1. because I’m 22 weeks pregnant and everything makes me teary-eyed these days and 2. because this week has been the most emotional week of mine and Adam’s entire lives. After this week, I now know that I had never truly experienced fear and desperation before. To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to talking about this week so I’m just going to try and tell the story to the best of my ability.
It all started about 2 weeks ago {remember this post} when we found out that my cervix had begun to shorten. Well, on Wednesday, we had a 2 week follow-up appointment with my OB. We saw the babies again – baby boy is 1lb 2oz already!! and baby girl is 1lb! They are growing right on track and oh my! do they like to move! After seeing the babies we knew it was time to check my cervix again. The ultrasound tech took out the wand and looked at the cervix. As soon as she was done, we were immediately taken to see the doctor. In hindsight, I should have known right then that something was really wrong because usually after the ultrasound we are sent back to the waiting room until the doctor is ready to see us. Once my doctor came in, I could tell by his expression that this was not going to be good news. He then did an exam on me and that is when we found out that my cervix was 0.4cm long and I was 1cm dilated (the cervix should be 3.5cm or longer with no dilation). I was immediately sent to the hospital. At the hospital we met with a few specialists and finally that evening they decided to send me home and have me come back first thing in the morning for a follow-up. So, after getting no sleep, Adam and I headed back to the hospital for our appointment which we hoped would show that I was stabilizing and wouldn’t need further intervention. This did not happen – my cervix was shorter and I was 2cm dilated. As soon as my ultrasound was over, I was sent directly to pre-op. After being monitored for a few hours {I was having contractions on the monitor} we decided to have an emergency cerclage done. I had many exams done and we spoke with quite a few specialists and we really felt like the cerclage was our best option. I was taken to the OR and the cerclage was performed. From what the doctors said afterwards, the procedure went very well. I was admitted to the antepartum floor afterwards where I stayed until yesterday evening. I’m home now and the pain has mostly subsided, but I think it’s safe to say that I will not be doing anything fun this summer {I’m on modified bed rest}. I’ve also been prescribed some drugs that will hopefully help to keep my cervix from shortening anymore. I know this is a very quick/brief story of what happened, but it’s all I can bring myself to say right now. Hopefully, it’s clear to you all what happened, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions.
Adam and I are both trying to cope with all of the emotions we have been going through while still maintaining a positive outlook. We are now focusing on short term goals and I’m thinking about having some kind of celebration every time we hit one. First up – 24 weeks! Viability is our first goal so maybe you guys can help me think of some good couch time celebrations for this milestone.
Thank you for the support and love that has been sent our way. We are truly grateful for all of you.

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