IMG_8412hi friends! long time no talk. sorry about that! we’re still in raleigh and things have been a little crazy and honestly i’ve just been trying to enjoy the time with our families and our friends and so i haven’t been so great about documenting things. but i’m trying to be better and so on that thought i decided to do something i haven’t done since the twins’ first birthday and document a monthly milestone.

i don’t know why 18 months felt like a bigger deal than the other monthly “birthdays”. maybe because it’s half a year and although when you get to my age that doesn’t really matter, as a 1 year old it kind of does. the difference in b + t’s language, physical skills, mental abilities, personalities, and really everything, between now and their first birthday is just incredible. they are completely different people than they were 6 months ago and when i stop and think about all of the progress they have made, it’s just amazing. they both walk run now, they are speaking words, phrases, and in thatcher’s case even sentences {ok, so she’s only spoken one sentence so far, and it was just last week, but i’m still counting it}. they are independent thinkers and they have a lot {and i mean a lot} of opinions. they’re each other’s best friends and if you follow along with us on instagram then you’ll know that they have been holding each other’s hands nonstop {talk about making a mama’s heart burst}. it’s really been a fun 6 months so far and i can tell it’s getting even more so. and i know i’m kind of new to this whole toddler thing, but so far i’m loving it! someone please tell me there’s a way i can make them stay this way forever!

IMG_8389IMG_8394IMG_8397IMG_8388^^ my little brecken webster. he is the happiest, most snuggly babe ever. he laughs harder than anyone i know, and he also cries quicker too. he’s a sensitive kid and a klutz for sure {sorry b – you definitely get that from me}. he is independent, but also the “follower” of the two. he mostly lets his sister take the lead on things and he’s happy to go along with her plan. he says way too many words to even begin to tell you, but my favorite by far is “atchie” – thatchie. he can’t be without her. if she is gone or even just out of sight he begins calling her name. he sings, dances, jumps, runs, and even does summersaults with a little bit of help. he is definitely a mama’s boy right now, but i don’t mind. i kind of love when he insists that i carry him, hold him, snuggle him, etc. love you little man!

IMG_8398IMG_8399IMG_8400IMG_8416^^ little miss thatcher bay. this girl is fierce, strong, independent, and oh so sweet. she is the first to comfort her brother {or another child} when he is upset. in fact when he’s crying she’ll grab his hand and let him hold it through the pain. she is sassy and loves to tell me “no way!”. she calls her brother “breckie” and never anything else. she loves to sing “let it go”, but only for a minute, then she wants her brother to take over. she loves anything physical – climbing, jumping, dancing, tumbling, and even twirling. she has started telling me what shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, etc that she wants to wear and i have to admit – girl kind of has style. she believes she can do everything on her own and has started getting mad if i try to help her with something {breck actually has too}. she is a people watcher and i’ve notched that she learns new skills by just watching others. she will study someone doing something and then voila she can do it! she is insanely smart and understands things i thought no 18 month old possibly could. she also likes to cuddle and snuggle – but only on her own terms. she is the definition of a “cool” girl in my opinion and i hope she always paves her own way in this world. ¬†and although she is a bit cheeky at times, i love it! and i love you, sweet baby girl!


and all of this hand holding! i seriously can’t get enough! my poor mama heart is just about to explode! these two have seriously changed my life in so many ways {and yes, i know every mother says this}. not to be totally clich√©, but i was incomplete before them. i didn’t know it, but i was. and now that i have the two most beautiful, crazy, wonderful souls here with me, i can’t even remember what my previous life was like. it’s hard to believe that 1.5 years have already passed and while i know a lot of moms are sad about their kids getting older {and don’t get me wrong, i want as much time as possible with them}, i’m actually loving watching them grow. here’s to hoping the next 6 months are just as wild as the past 6 months!


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