last sunday was a very special day, the twins turned two months! my babies are two months. TWO. MONTHS. when/how/why did that happen?! it’s been an exhausting, amazing, fun, hard, and awesome two months with them. when i think about when they were born and their nicu stay, it doesn’t even feel real. maybe that’s because “real life” didn’t start until they were home? honestly, i don’t know. i don’t know why it seems like the nicu was just a dream and that my babies have been with me since they were born. it’s weird, i know. but, for some reason it just feels like this is how it’s been for all of time. sometimes i can’t even remember what life was like before them. they have brought so much joy to our lives and everyday i can’t help but think how lucky i am to have them. for the most part they are very easy going babies and i’ve been told by other parents that they have really great sleep habits so i’m sure that helps. things have definitely not gone perfectly, or even smoothly, at times. but it always seems to end up just fine. the twins are thriving {both have more than doubled their birth weights} and they are learning/mastering something new almost everyday. for those of you with kids, isn’t it just amazing to see them work and accomplish something new! it’s one of my favorite things. that and baby snuggles. and we snuggle a lot. and even though it’s been crazy, it’s also been the best. so happy 2 months to two of my most favorite people in the world!



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