the twins turned 20 weeks yesterday! and i seriously can’t believe it! i haven’t posted a weekly update in a couple of weeks because we’ve been having so much fun in raleigh! and because we’re still in raleigh and still having lots of fun, i’m going to keep this one short and sweet. the twins have changed so much in the last couple of weeks and it seems like everyday they are mastering another skill. they are both eating solids, talking everyone’s ears off, and reaching + grabbing for things like crazy! also, because we haven’t had their 4 month check-up yet {due to the holidays it won’t actually be until they are 5 months} i don’t know exactly what they weigh – but goodbye 0-3 months clothing! they are no longer able to squeeze into those anymore! in fact, breck is starting to outgrow some of his 3-6 months clothing! and my sweet little petite thatcher is no more – that girl is chowing down just as much as her brother! it’s been amazing to watch them grow in raleigh and to do it in front of family. sometimes i really wished we lived closer to everyone. i hope you all had an amazing holiday! i snapped these photos yesterday morning while the twins were playing around in my bed!


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