happy 21 weeks to the twins! we’re spending our last week in raleigh and then will be heading back to chicago this weekend. we’ve had so much fun with family and i’m sad our trip is coming to end {maybe that’s why we’ve already booked flights to come back in february?!} so if you all could please cross your fingers, send good vibes, etc that we have an easy trip home {i’m trying to remember why we thought driving half way across the country with 2 babies and a dog was a good idea}.

21-321-421-2 ^^ sometimes they do the same thing at the same time. and since they are so different in so many ways and i love seeing them be “twins”.

21-521-821-621-7 ^^ i’m so glad i caught this picture of thatcher. it might look like she’s upset, but she’s actually just talking. and talking. and talking. this girl has found her voice and she really loves to use it!

21-1 ^^ i know this one is blurry, which is how most of the pictures i take turn out. these babies are so active and although it makes picture taking hard, it just amazes me at how far they have come.


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