happy 24 weeks to my little love muffins! i can’t believe how quickly they are growing and when i think about the fact that they are almost 6 months old, all i can do is hope time slows down. the twins are turning into little people and when i look at them i don’t see babies anymore. thatcher is 5 months going on 15…she likes to feed herself, drink coffee {of course i don’t actually let her do this, but she tries to get our starbucks cups hard}, she knows what she wants, when she wants it, and isn’t afraid to let you know, but oh my gosh can she smile so big and bright – it just melts my heart! breck is a thinker and has to assess every situation before he decides if he likes it or not, he “talks” and “talks” and “talks”, he rolls himself across the floor anytime we put him down, and he giggles so hard and loud that i can’t help but giggle with him!


we’ve been back in chicago for 2 weeks and it’s been an extremely busy 2 weeks! we’ve got some big changes coming our way and trying to get ready for those has been really stressful. and in the spirit of our biggest change the twins are sporting these new sweatshirts! any guesses on what the big surprise is?!


yep, it’s true! next month we will be packing up our {brand new!} house and moving to toronto! i’ve been having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we will be leaving a great city, all of our friends, and the house we just finished building to go somewhere that is so unfamiliar. i do love that we will get to explore and experience a new city, but i also hate that the twins won’t get to see and grow-up in┬áchicago {although, i have a feeling we will be back quite a bit}. our house is being listed tomorrow and i’m feeling a lot more sad about it than i thought i would. i have been trying to prepare myself for this for a couple of months, but now that it’s actually here i don’t feel prepared at all. i know i’m going to be a sappy mess when we actually have to drive away from the first city we’ve called our home. to give our realtor an easier time, we’re heading back to raleigh for 10 days on thursday so please send good vibes that the twins behave on their first plane ride! i’m kind of a nervous wreck about flying with them – fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

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