we made it to our second goal! and oh man! does it feel so good! it’s been almost a month since having the emergency cerclage and that in and of itself is something to celebrate. 4 weeks ago, it felt like we would never make it to this point, but now that we are here all i can think about it is making it to the next goal, then the next goal, then to september! it’s been hard to get to this milestone and bed rest has definitely been difficult, but i just keep telling myself that it will be so worth it in the end. in the last week or so i have started back with stocking up on things for the twins {i was too nervous to buy anything after the surgery for fear that they wouldn’t make it and i’d have a house full of baby stuff}, and if you look really closely at this picture you’ll see that i’m in the car! the car!! that’s right, after 3 great post surgical follow-ups i’ve been given the ok to get out of the house once a week {as long as it’s an activity that involves sitting/lying down}! so last friday we met a couple of our good friends for cupcakes, which not only tasted really really awesome, but also did a lot for my sanity. some days i feel like i’m living in a cave and that i will never see the light of day ever again so being able to leave, even if it’s just for an hour, feels amazing. {i should add that i’m not allowed to drive, but i am allowed to be a passenger and that works for me!} today is a great day to celebrate and tomorrow we have a growth scan and will get to see how big the babies are at this point – any guesses?! at 22 weeks, our little girl weighed 1 lb and our little boy weighed 1 lb 2 oz so both have been great sizes {especially for being twins}! i’ve been craving donuts ever since our last milestone so today we i decided that we would celebrate with those again! so i hope everyone has another donut {or two} to celebrate with us! our next milestone is 28 weeks when survival rates are 90-95% {this has been our true goal since the beginning}! thanks again for all of your love and support – we wouldn’t be able to stay so positive and make it to this point without you guys!


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