we did it!! we made it to our biggest goal! adam + i are letting out a huge sigh of relief today knowing that *if* the babies were to come at any point now they would have such great odds of not only surviving, but also not having long term disabilities.

28by now you guys know that we typically celebrate with a small batch of donuts, however this morning we thought that it was worth doing a little more. so we headed out to one of our favorite spots {my outing for the week} and ate a giant breakfast together. it was so nice to get out of the house and to celebrate. we talked about how we can’t {but also can} wait for the babies to get here, about all of things we still need to do to get ready for them {it’s normal to feel like i’m not prepared at all at this point, right?!}, and about our move next week! before we know it, the babies will be here, and i know we’ll long for the days where we could sit at breakfast for an hour and just talk to each other. i’m going to miss these things, but also, not miss them, you know? adam + i have had almost 14 years alone and i can’t wait to have a little family. i know everything is getting ready to change, but i’m finally¬†feeling really good about embracing it. so, once again, thanks for all of your love and support! i mean every word when i say that you guys have truly been sanity savers and that adam + i would not have been able to stay so positive without you! here’s to the 3rd trimester!!

IMG_1435¬†ps. last week i was already measuring 36 weeks!! i don’t even know what i’m going to be when i’m measured tomorrow. this picture was taken this morning. what do you guys think? i’m thinking i look pretty close to full term since i’ve had quite a few people say “you must be due any day now”.



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