first off, i just want to say sorry for not posting my usual weekly update yesterday. i got a lot of emails, texts, and messages asking if everything was ok {which made me feel really special that all of you were thinking about me} – and i’m happy to report that everything is fine. my absence was not intentional, but since moving we haven’t had internet and the cell service had been less than ideal, making it very hard to get online to write a post. thankfully, we were finally able to get someone out to hook us up late yesterday {it only took 3 weeks!}. but that’s really not important- what’s important is that the babies are 32 weeks!!!!!! i really can’t believe we’ve made it to this point {i know i say that every week, but it’s true!}. yesterday, adam and i felt like we were finally able to get excited about everything. i sat in the nursery {only for a little bit, then i went right back to laying down} starting to take tags off of everything so that when my parents come in a couple of days they can wash and organize everything for me. also the car seats finally came yesterday, which got me super excited to think that we will actually be bringing babies home! {we’ve come such a long way from 10 weeks ago thinking that we may not even have babies to now knowing that they have a 98% chance of being totally fine if born at this point} i am a little nervous for my appointment today since last week i was told once again that i may not even make it to 32 weeks. i start weekly non-stress tests, which honestly have me a little anxious, but i do take some comfort in the fact that these babies seem to like to pound on my insides every chance they get so hopefully they’ll pass with flying colors today. at this point adam and i are feeling pretty prepared for whatever happens and even though the nursery is nothing, but boxes and piles of stuff, we are taking comfort in the fact that we will most likely have healthy babies and that’s really all that matters. once again, thank you for all of the love! we can’t {but also can} wait for you all to meet the babies and for them to experience all of your overwhelming kindness, love, and support! i think about all of you every day!

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  1. Mandy
    August 6, 2014 at 10:28 am (3 years ago)

    Congrats : )!!! Amazing-you all have come such a long way! Keep up the great work and we will all keep sending you lots of prayers and positive vibes!! Xo, Mandy


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