our plans this weekend got a little messed up thanks to a rainstorm that happened on saturday; so instead of going to a pumpkin patch we decided to check out a place called evergreen brick works in the city. a few people had mentioned this little green oasis nestled in the middle of toronto and we’ve been meaning to go for a while now. and the best part – when we got there we realized there was an etsy vendor showcase going on {my heaven}. i may or may not have bought a few things, and then also ordered another thing. seriously though, who can refuse etsy? and then to have it live, right in front of your face? my credit cards didn’t stand a chance. but anyway…back to the rest of our fun. and oh boy did we have a lot of it. the twins ran around all over the place {i found some secluded little outdoor deck that the twins were able to have to themselves}, we ate at the local cafe, and then checked out some of the trails.

brick12bricki feel like we’re in this weird stage where we obviously still need our stroller, but the twins want to be in it less and less. I end up pushing around an empty stroller for half the time while trying to wrangle two toddlers. but then at the same time, they can’t walk around for a few hours like we can and are so heavy that we don’t want to carry them around. it’s a very frustrating stage. i wish they had a place where you could park your stroller and then pick it up when you need it. can someone invent that? like a coat check, but for your stroller. i’ll fund the kickstarter for you.

brick1brick2brick3brick4brick5brick6brick7brick8brick9brick10brick11ok, sorry about that. i went a little overboard with all of the photos of them playing in this little outdoor space. i swear i cut out 90% of what i took, but they were just being too cute!

brick13^^ yum. this place was good. there was this one cookie that was raisins and some local flower {can’t remember the name} which was fantastic. i think breck ate just as much of it as i did.

brick14oh this man of mine. he’s such a great dad. i can’t even express how thankful i am for a husband who is so involved; and when i see the way the twins look at him it just melts my heart.

brick16brick17brick18brick19brick20brick15i think it’s safe to say the twins were sufficiently tuckered out. ^^ look at those faces ^^ with it only being about a 20 minute drive from our new place i have a feeling we’ll be back there often – especially in the winter. we didn’t realize it, but it’s completely dog friendly as well so next time we’ll definitely bring gruber so he can enjoy romping around with the babies!

ps. hope you all have a great week! i’m so excited for halloween this weekend and to get the twins in their halloween costumes! by the way, what are all of you dressing your kids or yourself up as?!

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