oh my gosh! 33 weeks!! i’m a little in shock that i’m even getting to write this post today. every week i think that it’ll be my last pregnancy update, but here we go again…one more week!

32 weeks was a great week! in fact it’s probably been my favorite during this pregnancy. my parents came in on thursday and since then we’ve been getting A LOT done. the nursery is finally starting to come together and i’m happy to report that the babies will have a place to sleep when they come home. good news for them. and despite our brand new dryer deciding it doesn’t want to actually dry clothes, we were able to get a good amount of baby things washed. also good news for the twins. now, i’m starting to go through my lists and figure out what i still need – bottles are probably a good idea, no? and once i’ve done all that then i’ll give the babies the ok to come. also, since my doctor is on vacation this week i’ve told them that they have to wait until 34. you guys don’t believe in jinxes, do you? well, regardless of when they do decide to make their appearance, i’m just so so happy we’ve made it to this point! thanks once again for another week of love and support! you guys are what’s keeping me going!

ps. once the babies are here and the nursery is complete i’ll post more pics for you!

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  1. Brooke Heather Photographer
    August 12, 2014 at 12:45 pm (4 years ago)

    OMG, our dryer had been on the brink as well. I have had it break 3 times on me since I started my list of things to do! I feel your pain there! Can’t wait to see pics of those precious babies. I’m 2 1/2 weeks out and so ready!


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