well, we made it to 34 weeks…barely! does anyone recognize the white board in the picture above?! that’s right, it’s a hospital board. and my awesome nurse decided to change my plan of care yesterday. it’s been a long couple of days that all started on saturday night when i started having what i thought were gas pains. at about 3am sunday i decided that i needed to wake adam up and let him know that i hadn’t been able to sleep. he {being the smart husband he is} decided to time these “gas pains” and we quickly discovered that they were exactly 10 mins apart each time. we rushed to the hospital – as i’m sure any first time parents do. in triage they discovered i was 3cm dilated. a few hours later, i was 4. unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the cerclage out in time and it tore through my cervix. i quickly progressed to 6cm and was given an epidural for the pain. and then it got interesting – labor slowed waaaay down. and so now i sit and wait. they finally let me eat last night, which if you’ve ever been pregnant and not allowed to eat for 2 days, then you know how amazing a hospital grilled cheese is! at this point we’re expecting babies anytime, although my doctor says it’s possible to sit like this for a few days {it’s rare – but what about this pregnancy hasn’t been rare?!?!}. i’ll try to keep you guys posted! send some more of those good thoughts and positive vibes!

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