the twins are 18 weeks today! one. eight. when did this happen?! why won’t it stop?! and to top it all off, last friday they turned 4 months old! although i wish time would just stop so that they could stay my little babies forever, i am absolutely loving this age! they are so interactive and their little personalities just kill me! breck loves to talk and will hold full on conversations with anyone who is willing to listen, while thatcher is our super smiley girl. she’ll smile at everything – this morning she flashed one at our lamp. my absolute favorite thing they do though is when they “talk” to each other. thatcher flashes breck smile after smile while breck squeals and squeaks over and over again. every time i see it i think i might just die from the cuteness!


it’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks. we drove from chicago to raleigh with the twins and gruber and amongst all of the crazy/hectic packing i forgot the twins’ age blocks {what i use to document their weekly/monthly milestones}. so last friday as i was frantically searching for them {i didn’t realize i had left them at home} i started pulling out some christmas stuff and then i realized i had a really cute photo op. i was only able to snap a couple of pics before they both had enough, but i was still happy i was able to document their special day.


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