happy 4th friends! {well, i guess technically it’s the 5th, but we’re still on holiday time over here} i know it’s been a while since our last check-in and i’m sorry about that. well, sort of. not really actually. but more about that later. we’re back in the states doing things like celebrating america’s birth, hanging out with family and friends, and lots and lots of pool time. we made our way down to raleigh back in mid may and haven’t headed back yet – the weather’s just been too good and we’ve been having way too much fun. we’ll be down here for at least a couple more weeks and then are going to play it by ear from there – thankfully we drove, and we brought gruber with us, so there’s no need to go back anytime soon.

IMG_0076_2i have to admit that i didn’t do anything for canada day last friday. since we weren’t in canada and nobody here celebrates it, we just kind of ignored it. but for the 4th we decided to do a little bit more. i’m not really one to get into theme-y type things so the kids weren’t dressed in red, white, and blue {although i did have red, white, and blue diapers on them} and there were no american flags flying around. we did however grill out with my family and since we knew we wouldn’t make it to the fireworks we went ahead and did sparklers at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

IMG_0073_2IMG_0074_2^^ breck wasn’t so sure at first, but once his pops {my dad} showed him how to hold one, he thought they were great!

after sparklers, we headed over to a party with my inlaws. the twins played {they had a bounce house and inflatable slide that i couldn’t peel them away from}, ate way too much junk food, and ran themselves ragged! i had toyed with the idea of keeping them up until the fireworks, but by 7pm they were exhausted. i guess there’s always next year.

IMG_0077_2IMG_0079_2^^ thatcher was so proud of her nemo fishy that she had the “face painter” do on her arm

IMG_0082_2IMG_0081_2IMG_0078_2IMG_0080_2^^ i wish i could say this is the only “dessert” breck had, but you know…

IMG_0075_2i hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!


** side note: thank you to everyone who has been reaching out. i think i’ve gotten back to most of you, but just in case i haven’t, or if you’ve just been wondering what the heck we’ve been up to…

the last couple of months have been crazy busy for us! we’ve been traveling a bunch – two trips to raleigh and a trip to california, and the few times we have been back in toronto we’ve either had friends or family visiting so “life” has just been taking up a lot of our time. i’ve also been struggling lately with whether or not to keep the blog going in the direction it’s been going. i’ve been very fortunate in that i’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to grow/expand the blog and so far have turned them all down. i really like sharing with you guys, but sometimes i feel like the blog is a little superficial and i’m just not sure i want to keep it that way. i have a fear of isolating people, but also want to be true to myself. it’s such an internal struggle and i still haven’t concluded anything. since having the twins, my outlook on life has changed. there has been so much going on in this world and ignoring it and continuing to live in our “bubble’ just doesn’t feel right. at the same time, this blog was started as a positive place and so i don’t want to dwell on those kind of things here. see my problem? i’m too indecisive! because of these thoughts i haven’t really felt motivated to write anything on here. i don’t even know if any of this makes sense or if anyone other than me can understand my ramblings, but that’s my best explanation for it. i think for now i’ll just continue to post and write as i feel compelled to do so and who knows where it will go. maybe you guys can give me some advice and/or let me know what you think?!

i hope you’ve all been having a wonderful summer! thanks for sticking with us!



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