yay! the twins are 6 weeks today!

and because today is so special {it’s my original due date} i’m listing 10 of my favorite things/what i love from the last 6 weeks:
~ double chins! a lot of people may take a double chin for granted, but when your baby weighs less than 4 pounds at one point and then only a short time later is sporting a double chin, you’d love it too. and oh boy do they have the cutest double chins that i have ever seen!
~ when they look at each other. both of the twins can literally be screaming their heads off, but when they turn and get a glance of the other – it immediately stops. and it makes my heart melt. every. single. time.
~ thatcher’s smiles. i can’t believe my baby can already smile. it’s the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. and breck is trying so hard, and every once in a while he’ll throw us a creepy joker-type grin, but i’m definitely not counting those.
~ breck’s coos. even though he can’t smile, in the last few days he has figured out the art of cooing. talk about the sweetest sound a momma could possible hear. when he’s awake he loves to just “talk” and “talk”. thatcher hasn’t quite gotten it yet, but she tries every time she’s awake. right now she’s just sticking out her tongue and doing these half yawn looking things. i have a feeling it’ll be any moment now though when she gets it – and something tells me that once she does, she’ll never be quiet again.
~ how they both can snuggle into my chest perfectly. i don’t know how they do it, but they seem to find the most perfect spot every time i hold them. and when they do, my heart could just burst from love.
~ that they are both healthy. after almost losing them half way through the pregnancy and then the uncertainty each week after that, i am in shock and awe that i have two perfect little babies right now. and trust me – i never take this for granted. i try not to think about how differently life could have turned out, but how happy i am that it didn’t.
~ their yawns. they. are. so. cute.
~ breck’s serious faces. this boy has mastered the “serious stare” better than anyone i know.
~ the way thatcher will follow you with her eyes. she has been looking at people and following them since the day she was born. it’s amazing to watch.
~ how they have taught me what it really means to have unconditional love for someone. these babies have taught me more about love and selflessness in the last 6 weeks than i’ve ever known in my entire life. to say i love them is really not even accurate. the feeling that i have for the two of them is completely indescribable and something i didn’t understand until they were here. everyday it grows and grows and everyday i think my heart may just explode from all of the emotions i feel for them.

6w26w56w3^^ i love this picture! it looks like he’s peaking over at her – so sweet!

6w4^^ it’s exhausting being a 6 week old!

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  1. ckred27
    October 2, 2014 at 2:41 pm (3 years ago)

    Love those PJs!


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