8monthsbreck + thatcher are 8 months! to say this past month has been a whirlwind is an understatement. i feel like it was just last week they were turning 7 months, but i guess moving to another country will do that to you. there have been a lot of changes in the last month, not only in all of our lives, but in breck + thatcher’s especially. the development that has happened in this past month has been exponential. my super happy babies have turned into super happy little people. seriously, every day i feel like they are becoming less and less babyish. cradling them in my arms for some mid-day snuggles, making them laugh by blowing simple raspberries, and carrying them around on my hip are things of the past. now they are constantly on the move {or wanting to be on the move} and wanting to be engaged at all times. they eat any and everything and they think all food is for them. it’s really amazing to me what they are able to gum {hello bacon}. and while they have become so much more interactive and talkative with each other {last night at dinner they held hands while eating}, they are still such different little ones.

8months7breck is still my sweet snuggly boy, but he’s also gotten a bit of an attitude. he’s shown me some glimpses of future temper tantrums and is really starting to get frustrated with not being able to crawl/walk. he rolls himself around to get where he needs to go and has begun pulling up on things to stand {this makes me think he may skip crawling altogether}. he loves to “walk” when holding onto 2 adult hands and will stand with support from something {usually the couch or ottoman}. he has one tooth {bottom left} and it looks like he may have a second soon. he’s still unsure of strangers, giving a very stoic look to anyone who tries to talk to him {after a few minutes he’s super smiley}. he seems to call out for me or say “mama” when he is upset, but hasn’t repeated it when asked to – i know it’s coming soon. he’s such a fun, complex little boy and the perfect balance to his sister.

speaking of…

8months8thatcher is our super super happy, bundle of energy, lovey girl. she has recently found her “soft” voice and will have “conversations” with someone now. she’s also started this forced laugh that she does when she thinks something is happy or exciting {it’s different than her giggle}, and it is just the cutest thing ever. she crawls at 100 mph and it’s dangerous to turn your back to her. she’s learned to climb up stairs, pull up on everything, and has begun intermittently standing on her own. she’s desperate to walk and has taken a few steps on her own {it’s not consistent though}, but mostly she just cruises along the furniture. she hates being confined so the car seat is her enemy. and despite her small frame she loves to eat. but only if it’s real food – she usually refuses formula during the day. she has 2 bottom teeth now and it looks like her uppers may be coming in soon. she’s not saying any words yet, but does kind of say hi {when she sees someone she says a word that sounds very similar to hi and she does it every time}. she can be demanding, but only because she knows what she wants. and just like breck is her perfect compliment, she is his.

8months1the twins have been so easy during this transition and i feel so thankful for that. we’re all getting adjusted and trying to find our new routine, but more on that later. for now, i’ll just say happy 8 months sweet babes! please please stop growing. you are becoming so much fun, but mama misses her tiny little babies. maybe someone out there can figure out a way to stop, or at the very least slow down, time? i guess for now i’ll just continue to take 10,000 pictures a day so i can always look back and remember these special moments. and on that note, here’s some more from yesterday {when they officially turned 8 months}.

8months28months38months68months48months5^^ the blocks only last about 30 secs now. they’re no longer a photo prop, but instead a throwing/teething toy.


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