yesterday the babies turned 9 months old! I’m still not sure how this is possible and i can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about their 1st birthday. adam and i are in the bahamas for the week so missing this milestone was a little hard. i did try to facetime them a couple of times yesterday, but breck was asleep both times so i didn’t get to see him. talk about breaking a mama’s heart! luckily my mom sent me this cute little series of them playing with each other:


9 months feels like the last big monthly milestone before a year. they are becoming such little people and even though i’m sad that they aren’t little babies anymore, it’s a lot of fun to have interactive little people. they are saying hi {and thatcher even waves}, uh oh, and repeating sounds and such all the time. breck still isn’t crawling, but has been pulling his knees up more {i still think he may just skip crawling completely and go straight to walking}. both of them love to stand and pull up on just about everything. thatcher is so so close to walking on her own and takes a few steps here and there. they love all kinds of food and will eat just about anything. breck has 2 bottom teeth and i’m pretty sure the top 2 are going to pop at any moment. and thatcher has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth, and her other top one looks like it could break through anytime. they have adjusted so well to toronto and absolutely love their swim class! at this point they’ve been on 7 flights and are perfect angels when we travel. ¬†and even though i know they won’t remember that we left them, it’s really hard to be away from them. so before i go and get all sentimental and teary i’ll just say happy 9 months to my sweet babes! i never knew i could love 2 people this much!

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