today is my last official day of living in chicago. tomorrow adam, the twins, and i will hop on a plane to raleigh and in a couple of weeks the twins and i will fly up to toronto from there. it doesn’t seem real that i am leaving the first city i ever made a home in. and i’m sure at some point it’ll hit me that i’m not coming back to the place that brought adam and i our first apartment, our first house, our first dog…we were engaged and married while living here…it’s where we learned how to be “grownups”…and most special of all, it’s where we beat the odds and brought two beautiful children into this world. chicago will always have a piece of my heart, not because of the city itself, but because of the memories and friends we’ve made here. and trust me when i say we’ve made the best of friends here. and that’s why i was so happy that we got to have one final farewell at our going away party on saturday.


to say goodbye we hosted a little bbq get together. we had so much fun and are so glad we got to say farewell to so many special people. the twins were in heaven as they were getting loved on by everyone. i rarely match them, but for the occasion they just had to sport their chicago onesies. admittedly i didn’t take as many pictures as i would have liked and even missed taking any of some really special people, but i was trying to be in the moment and soak in all that was going on. thanks to all of our wonderful friends for making our last few days so memorable! we’re going to miss you all like crazy.

goodbye2goodbye7goodbye4goodbye3goodbye5goodbye6goodbye8goodbye9goodbye1we miss you already, chicago! but, here’s to a new adventure! see you soon, toronto!

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