if you’re following me on instagram then you know about our ordeal at the aquarium during our trip to kansas city last week. if you’re not following me then to make a long story short, we were denied entrance because they don’t allow double strollers – ridiculous! in fact, i really wanted to share our trip with you guys because it wasn’t all bad. the twins and i ventured to a train station where they were in awe of the electric train room and the self playing piano. but, unfortunately, the trip ended with me breaking my phone and thus the only device that had pictures from our trip – that’ll teach me to use the iphone instead of my dslr. but i digress. so back to what this post is really about which is our fabulous saturday hanging at the shedd aquarium in chicago!

aquariumaquarium1 we had a great time but, man oh man was it cold outside! so, tip #1 – bring your stroller. unlike kansas city, the shedd doesn’t seem to mind double strollers. in fact, instead of having to wait in the mile long line outside we were able to use the side entrance {otherwise known as the “accessibility entrance”} to bypass everyone. the twins went from being bundled in their foot muffs to relaxing indoors in about 5 minutes.


once we were inside we pulled up to the “caribbean reef” where the twins honestly could have spent the entire day. every fish, eel, sting ray, etc that went by was like christmas morning to them. breck’s jaw would drop, he would kick his feet, and squeal at the top of his lungs while thatcher would follow the animal with her eyes, then smile and look at one of us. it was amazing. they were so happy and excited and the spark they had in their eyes just told me that they were learning about one hundred different things all at once. it truly was magical, not only for them, but for me too. and to be truthful, at that moment i felt a little guilty that i hadn’t done anything like this with them before. but also in that moment, i resolved to do more of this. and i think now that the twins are getting older and easier, and the weather is getting better it won’t be as hard to do.

aquarium4aquarium3aquarium6 ^^ this little girl just couldn’t get enough! the reef seemed to be her favorite. although to be fair, she missed the second half of the visit because she fell asleep. it’s so rare that she is sitting still, but at the aquarium she just seemed to be so calm. she was studying not only the animals, but also the people. half of the time i would catch her looking at someone instead of something. she’s definitely our little social butterfly.

aquarium8aquarium9aquarium10 ^^ on the other hand, this guy didn’t even know there was anything going on around him. he was enamored with every exhibit. his favorite seemed to be the beluga whales, although i think his mouth was dropped open the entire time. he is such a happy boy so it can sometimes be hard to tell if he is just being his normal, cheerful, happy-go-lucky self or if he is really excited, but in this case it was so apparent that he was beyond his normal self. it is so amazing to see him like this. he was thinking about and analyzing everything. sometimes he would squint his eyebrows and nose and at that moment i knew he was figuring it out. when we move to toronto i will be getting us a membership to the local aquarium strictly so i can see this look on his face all of the time.

aquarium7aquarium11 ^^ my two favorite aquarium animals – the beluga whales and the penguins! they’re just so cute and if it’s ever possible, i want a pet penguin!


the memories we made on saturday were so special. and this outing is one that i will cherish forever. it’s crazy to think that just a year ago i wasn’t even sure if they would be here with us and now we have two lively, loving, and sometimes crazy, 6 month olds! i’m so excited for spring and for more outings with my little love bugs. thank you shedd, for being a fun and amazing learning experience…for them and for me.

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