happy saturday friends! i have every intention of finishing out my nyc posts this week, but to say the week was crazy does not even do it justice. adam was traveling all week, but thankfully my mom was here to help out with the twins {that whole it takes a village thing…no words have ever been more true}. my aunt and two cousins have also been here for part of the week hanging out with the twins and giving my arms some rest. and on top of it all…we bought a house! like an actual house! with a yard! and guest bedrooms! and best of all – a garage that is all ours! it’s the first time we’ve bought a single family home since in chicago we always lived in condos. i’m excited, but also a little stressed about moving again. so yeah, it’s been a crazy week. anyway, back to what this post is really about – our perfect day picnicking in brooklyn! i had never been to brooklyn before, and for the life of me i don’t know why. i’m totally in love with it {although i think tribeca has a slightly bigger piece of my heart} and now i’m convinced that when our stint in canada is over, i want to move to nyc.

brooklynbrooklyn2brooklyn3brooklyn4^^ the walk across the bridge was so nice. it was a little crowded, but it’s amazing the kindness that babies bring out in people. groups of adults, kids, and everything in between¬†parted ways and made room for our ginormous stroller everywhere we went in the city. i’ve also found babies to be great conversation starters. i stopped and talked to so many people during our trip just because they wanted to say hi or peek at the twins.¬†and oh man, that view! the skyline behind the water is picture perfect.

brooklyn5brooklyn6^^ the cutest little glass house in brooklyn. i couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to have a playhouse for the twins made out of stained glass. and thatcher loved the colors! she also loved peeking at adam on the other side. breck on the other hand, napped away the entire time we played at the house.

brooklyn7brooklyn8brooklyn9^^ i always feel like we must just look like a circus everywhere we go.

brooklyn10brooklyn11^^ my sister-in-law + brother-in-law. i’m so so thankful for these two. and the twins are so lucky to have them!

brooklyn12brooklyn13brooklyn14^^ i think we’re all just chopped liver next to uncle javi.

brooklyn15brooklyn16brooklyn17brooklyn18brooklyn19^^ until next time, brooklyn. we miss you already.


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