ok, so maybe field of dreams is a little bit of an overstatement when it comes to wrigley field, but, it definitely has a special place in my grandfather’s heart. my grandfather {papa} grew up on the north side of chicago and according to him, riding his bike and/or hitchhiking his way down to wrigley field with his friends was one of his favorite things to do. so, when adam + i had the chance to go on a private tour of wrigley field we couldn’t think of a better time than when he was going to be in chicago. {especially since papa hasn’t been to wrigley field since 1948!} we had so much fun walking around the field and it was really special to share it with papa. hearing all of the stories of when he was a kid {did you know the bleachers used to cost 25 cents?!} were priceless. this tour was so special and i know it’s something neither one of us will ever forget.


do you guys see the rainbow in this picture?!
do you guys see the rainbow in this picture?!

wf4wf5wf6wf7wf8wf9wf10wf11wf12wf13ps. happy friday! i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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