it’s hard to believe that we only have one more weekend in chicago. and unfortunately it’s this time of year that reminds me just how much i love this city. as winter fades away, the snow starts to melt and the temperatures become bearable, the city changes into a vibrant, colorful place. before last week i was cursing chicago and feeling joyful to leave the bitterly cold land of snow {i know toronto isn’t much different}, but now with spring temperatures {and our move date fast approaching} i’m feeling so sad to go. we’re trying to get in as much as possible including seeing all of our friends before we go. we knew that these last few weekends were going to be busy and to be honest i’m so glad they are. not only do we get to spend some last moments of fun with friends, but it also keeps my mind off of leaving. in fact for that reason alone, i hope i can keep this next week and a half as busy as possible. because i’m scared that if i actually stop and think about it, i’ll just breakdown into a million teary pieces. but enough about sad stuff and onto our super fun weekend!

hw^^ we started off saturday morning by heading to adam’s favorite coffee spot, asado. we’ve been drinking coffee there pretty much since it opened and have met some really awesome people there. the twins have gone separately with adam a few times, but we hadn’t gone as a family yet so it seemed like the logical thing to do.

that afternoon we had two of our really good friends and their sweet baby boy come over for lunch and a playdate. the twins had so much fun hanging out with them Рand so did adam + i! but oh man, was saying goodbye to these special people so hard.

hw2hw1^^ and i thought getting two babies to smile + look at a camera at the same time was hard.

sunday was even busier than saturday – we celebrated 2 birthdays! first we headed to pump it up – a giant inflatable play area – to celebrate our friends’ little boy’s 4th birthday! it was crazy as there were what felt like a million kids running around, hopped up on adrenaline and sugar, but it also made me kind of excited for when the twins are that age and are running around, jumping on things, and just being totally unruly at their own birthday party.

hw3hw4^^ somehow, someway, breck slept through the entire party! the loud noise, bright lights, and crazy commotion going on around him didn’t even phase him. i guess that’s just part of being a city kid – sleeping through constant noise.

hw5hw6^^ thatcher on the other hand was in heaven and thought that the party was for her. she stood ¬†and climbed on everything and enjoyed being able to yell as loud as possible. sometimes i really think this girl doesn’t know her age.

in the afternoon we headed over to our good friends’ house to celebrate their daughter’s 3rd birthday!


hw8^^ breck and harrsion are selfie taking bffs already.

hw9hw12^^ i think it’s safe to say that both babies adore our friend, krystin! in fact, i don’t think thatcher left her side the entire party.

hw11hw10hw13^^ aren’t these aprons just adorable?! and such a great party gift idea! happy birthday, kate!

IMG_0041^^ and of course no weekend would be complete without a late night, way past our bedtime, dance party…aka personal space invasion!

hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!



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