it seems like in the last week or so i’ve started getting a lot of questions about what the twins’ nursery is going to look like. since hitting our big milestone last week i’ve finally started getting back into the baby stuff and have made quite a few purchases for the nursery. since we don’t move into the new house for another month, i’m having most of our stuff delivered over there and will be giving very detailed instructions to adam and my dad on how to set everything up {after all isn’t that one of the perks of being on bed rest – getting to be bossy}. although these are just a few of the basic items i’ve ordered i thought i’d go ahead and share them with you {i want to keep all of the fun stuff a surprise for when we do an actual tour of the nursery}.

nursery copy


one: these oeuf cribs are the perfect style for the nursery! they are modern with clean, simple lines. adam and i looked at a lot of cribs, but it wasn’t hard to decide on these ones. i had read a lot of great reviews on oeuf cribs and had a few friends that recommended them so once i found the style i wanted, it was a no-brainer. *we purchased this particular style at giggle.

two: we’re keeping the walls a simple white – i read so many articles about paint the nursery this, don’t paint it that, blah, blah, blah, that in the end i just decided to pick a white and be done with it. plus, i love the look of crisp, clean, white walls. i didn’t want the room to feel too boring though so we decided to make one of the walls an accent wall by painting it with chalkboard paint {i mean, who didn’t want to be able to write on the walls when they were a kid?!}. i also wanted the “crib wall” to have something on it as well. so once i found this great design by walls by mur {and saw that they had just gone on sale} i immediately snatched a few sets.

three: this is the only piece of decor i’m going to show you guys right now. i was so excited when i found this oversized zinc ampersand from anthropologie. i wanted something big to put on the “crib wall” and had been searching for a few months when i accidentally came across this while looking at some other things. it’ll be the perfect statement piece on that wall and the gray will be a nice accent to the white and black.

four: a lot of you asked me what i was planning on doing for the changing station so i thought i’d throw this in. since we are having the twins share a room we are a little tight on space so i didn’t want to do any kind of separate changing table. we are using this dresser we found at mitchell gold + bob williams as both the dresser and changing table by placing a changing pad on top. this also brings me to another point i’ve learned when it comes to decorating a nursery – not every thing needs to come from a baby store or be specifically made for babies. adam and i love this dresser because it can age well with the twins through the years. by getting them a piece of furniture that functions from babyhood to adulthood we don’t have to worry about them outgrowing it. {by the way, i really don’t think this picture does it justice. the brown accents are more of a medium brown and the handles are a great gold/brassy color}

five: the one thing i’ve known i wanted in a nursery from the very beginning are lots of books. i love to read and if these babies are anything like me then they will too. with floor space being limited i wanted to find a way to keep their library organized, but still functional, without eating into their play space. these land of nod book shelves are perfect to hang on the wall {we’ll be doing them in white} and display all of the fun, colorful, and creative books the twins will have.

six: i was surprised how many of you asked me what kind of mattresses i was going to be using. it’s something adam and i did a lot of research on, but not something i think most people really ask about. for us, the most important thing when choosing a mattress was safety followed by style and functionality. when i came across the nook pebble mattress i was so impressed by what i was seeing. the mattresses are organic and completely made in the usa. the pad on the mattress is completely removable and can easily be washed. the sales clerk even told us that we don’t have to use bed sheets {although i think we probably will}.

a lot of you also asked me how adam and i were going about picking all of our nursery items. we have mostly just been doing online and {prior to bed rest} in store research. we’re also lucky enough to have had some friends who have already been through this to give us tips on different brands/items to look at or avoid. once we have the nursery put together i’ll be sure to give you guys the grand tour!

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