ok guys listen up! mother’s day is a week away and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for your beautiful wife and/or your lovely mom then i’m going to help you out. and ladies, if you haven’t thought of what you want and haven’t yet sent your {not-so} subtle hints then this is also for you. 

you all may remember that for christmas i gave adam a wood watch from JORD wood watches, well i loved his so much that i decided he should give me one for mother’s day (i mean it’s only fair, right). and i’ll admit that i’m probably a pretty hard to gift wife. 

i looked and looked through the women’s watches, but ultimately chose the frankie 35 series in zebra wood and navy (you can check it out HERE). i love how unique the navy face is and the zebra wood is so pretty! the quality of these watches is amazing and i wasted no time after getting it to put it right on. i love that these watches can be made dressy or casual and since we were heading to the beach the day i got it, i put it right on and off we went! 

the kids and i threw rocks, played in the wet sand, and adam + i chased them up and down the water front for at least an hour! after a pretty harsh morning the watch still looked perfect and i may or may not have ordered a couple more for some other moms later that day – i can’t give away any names here since it’s not quite mother’s day yet 😉 and since getting my watch (by the way, if navy isn’t your thing check out all of their other women’s watches HERE) i’ve worn it almost everyday as i love the way it looks with leggings + a long sweater, jeans + a casual tee, and dresses for a night out! 

i really am so lucky to be a mama to these precious kiddos. i’m still in disbelief that this is my third mother’s day (time please slow down!), and as next weekend approaches i hope all you mamas out there have a wonderful day that is all about you! 

and because JORD is so awesome they are letting me give one of you lucky people a $100 gift card! if you don’t win though, don’t be too sad, JORD will give you a $50 discount code!

Enter the giveaway by clicking HERE!

*contest ends 5/7.



Luxury Wooden Watch

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