ok, we are going to start another week off with some great news! after a year of searching, adam + i have finally found a new place! we are so excited and can’t wait to move out of this tiny apartment. the chicago real estate market is a little crazy and we’ve lost out on a lot of places in bidding wars and so to finally have found something feels so great. our place is new construction and we have been promised by the builder that it will be finished by mid july {we’re pushing it a little considering the babies could easily come in august}. the good thing about it being new construction is that we will get to pick out a few of our finishes {some of it has already been ordered by the builder} such as countertops, backsplash, tile, carpet, etc. we’re so happy about this place and i’ll try to update you guys during the building process!

this is the only picture i have for now since it’s still in the framing stage…


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