IMG_6131happy monday friends! i’m not sure how it happened, but christmas has come and gone. this year it really kind of snuck up on me and i definitely wasn’t prepared for it. it also seems crazy that the twins’ have made it through their second christmas and that from here on out our christmases will never be the same. they started recognizing santa this year, but i know in the years to come they are going to get more and more into him and that our christmas mornings will probably be a lot earlier. i can’t say i really mind though – i love everything christmas and can’t wait to have two little ones to share my excitement with!

IMG_6107IMG_6109IMG_6114i debated whether or not to do stockings this year {i didn’t do them last year} because i wasn’t sure if they would really be into them. fortunately my effort wasn’t wasted and they seemed to really enjoy them! we did stockings first and then decided to take a little break for breakfast. we ended up starting christmas morning a little late thanks to a 24 hour stomach something or other that had me up all night and feeling pretty rough all of christmas day. the twins didn’t seem to mind though and i think the slower pace actually made things a little less overwhelming for them.

IMG_6111IMG_6116IMG_6121^^ and oh that tissue paper was just the best thing ever! i’m pretty sure i could have just given them a box full of it for christmas and they would have been over the moon!

IMG_6139^^ you might recognize these pajamas from last year. i don’t care if it’s cheesy or nerdy or whatever – i’m totally in love with matching christmas jammies and plan on doing these ones as long as they keep being made!

IMG_6148IMG_6150IMG_6155IMG_6156IMG_6159IMG_6154^^ i’m so thankful my parents were here to celebrate b + t’s second christmas! the twins absolutely adore their nori + pops and i just couldn’t keep the twins out of their arms/laps the entire day!

IMG_6171IMG_6180IMG_6184IMG_6166^^ even gruber got into the christmas spirit with his festive collar!

IMG_6183IMG_6175IMG_6187and of course the best christmas gifts i’ll get every year are the three people i’m lucky enough to call mine.

hope you all had a wonderful christmas! can’t wait until next year!

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