hi guys! we’re back from dc and i’ve had every intention of sharing some pics from all the fun we had, but honestly i’ve just been exhausted. we’ve had a lot going on this week and i just haven’t had the energy to sort through pictures. i’m working on it today though and will try to post it tomorrow. for now though, i have this super cute and funny video of thatcher walking! i realized that i never told you guys that she’s walking now. it’s been a few weeks since she started really walking on her own {more than just the 3-4 steps she would take before} and she is loving her new independence! the other day we were at the park when adam took this video of thatcher chasing after a little girl! can someone please tell my 10 month old that she’s a baby?! yesterday she was trying to climb up the slide after seeing some big kids do it! i have a feeling this child is going to be keeping me on my toes for the next 18 years! anyway, here’s baby girl running around the park!

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