IMG_0607-2i’ve been meaning to share our little weekend trip to the blue mountains for a couple of weeks now, but life has been a little hectic lately. we’re in raleigh hanging with our family {we were supposed to see pearl jam tonight, but unfortunately the show’s been canceled}, and while you would think having tons of extra hands would mean more free time for me, somehow we always seem to be even busier when we are here. but that’s another story for another day.

IMG_0541we had been to the blue mountains last fall for our first canadian thanksgiving and had kept saying we wanted to head back. we had planned on waiting until the weather was a little nicer, but after basically thinking that gruber was going to die {that doesn’t sound dramatic at all, right?} we decided we needed a weekend away. and we thought what better place than somewhere he can come with us, romp around in some snow, and be in his element. unfortunately for the rest of us, that meant cold weather. like really really cold weather {by the way canada, you better have your shit together by the time we get back – no more of this winter crap, got it?!}. i even had to go out and buy the twins some heavy duty gloves to keep their hands warm. well, actually if we’re being honest {and we are, aren’t we?}, i sent adam to the store to pick up some heavy duty gloves, but hey it’s all the same. even though it was really cold though, we didn’t let that stop us from having a great time! and i’ve noticed there’s just something different about kids in the winter. it’s like they don’t feel the cold the same way as us. at least mine anyway. i thought for sure they’d be miserable being outside, but instead they begged for it!

IMG_0542i bundled them up in the stroller the first time we went outside thinking they would be freezing.  can you tell how they felt about it? breck’s face is not so subtle. this was the one and only time the entire weekend i used the stroller.

IMG_0552IMG_0556IMG_0563IMG_0564IMG_0567IMG_0570IMG_0574IMG_0577IMG_0578on saturday we went and played in the village. the twins were fascinated by the skiers and probably would have sat at the bottom of the mountain the entire day if we would have let them. both of them chatted up every person that went by. and breck developed a bad habit of stepping on every ski we walked by. oh and if you’re wondering – thatcher has gotten over her fear of snow. i couldn’t keep that girl out of the snow piles! the village itself is a cute and quaint little area. it’s dog friendly and certainly kid friendly! and the best part is the resort we were staying at was right across the street from it so we were able to walk down there whenever we had gaps of time we needed to fill.

IMG_0545IMG_0547^^ of course while the twins napped we headed out of town to one of our favorite spots and picked up a sweet treat!

IMG_0582IMG_0550^^ thatcher loved looking out of the window. and our view of the village was fantastic!

IMG_0588IMG_0592IMG_0597IMG_0600IMG_0602IMG_0607IMG_0613IMG_0618IMG_0619IMG_0620IMG_0621we really had a wonderful time and i’m looking forward to another trip up when the weather is warmer!

hope you all are having a great week! we are loving how warm it is down here in north carolina and are taking full advantage by filling our days with lots of outdoor fun!


  1. Yosh
    April 20, 2016 at 12:33 am (2 years ago)

    Love all the pictures! You guys are incredibly brave for travelling with your twins and your dog! I have traveled with mine to Japan only once… now you make me think I should probably try more 🙂 I am so glad you had a great time up there. The twins look super cute in the bundled up outfits and big gloves!!! I just read up about Gruber in the other post… and I cried. I have a special baby (my cat) as well as my twins so I totally understand how stressful and upsetting last couple weeks must have been for you. I am so sorry… Enjoy the relaxing time with your family. You deserve it. xo


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