halloween is fast approaching {how is it only 4 days away?!} and so i’ve been trying to take advantage of the season by taking the twins to the pumpkin patch as much as possible. you guys probably remember that we were there a few weeks ago, but the weather was kind of yucky. and while i love pumpkin patches, the open space and crowds of people make it a little hard when there’s only one adult. so with adam working and traveling so much we decided to ask our good friends if they wanted to join us one day last week. we were still up in toronto and i knew it’d be our last time to go before heading down to north carolina so instead of packing {which i really should have been doing} we went and played instead.


i was a little worried the twins would be like “pumpkins again, mom?”. but that’s one of the best things about toddlers – they don’t mind doing the same activity over and over again!


the friend we met up with happens to have a little boy that is only 1 week younger than b + t and the three of them get along so well! although thatcher does hog him quite a bit as i’m pretty sure she has her first crush. can 2 year olds have crushes? i don’t know, but she does talk about him an awful lot and when they are together she is always by his side. it’s actually pretty darn cute.


on this particular day breck wasn’t totally feeling it. we did a hayride which he really enjoyed and also this “milk a goat” station, but otherwise was pretty disinterested in letting me take pictures. we played at a sandpit for quite a while where all 3 kids seemed to be very content. then we ended the morning by climbing on the pumpkins {despite the sign}. i did feel a little bad not getting a pumpkin, but we were leaving in 2 days and honestly i just didn’t really want to haul them to the car while trying to wrangle the kiddos.


i’ve always said that fall is my favorite season, but i don’t really know why. maybe it’s the cool, crisp air. or the oversized sweaters {my fave!}. or the cute jackets. or the pumpkin everything {seriously the best flavor out there}. or maybe it’s just because that means christmas is around the corner and by now i think you all know how obsessed i am with christmas. whatever it is, i really really do love this season. hope you all have a wonderful halloween weekend! i love kiddos in cute costumes so feel free to send me all the pics you want! i’m sure i’ll be over posting mine next week 😉


{totally random side note: one of my followers from australia sent me a message saying how funny it is that we say fall – i guess the aussies pretty much exclusively say autumn? and so now i’m thinking that maybe autumn is the more universal term and that i should say that instead. if you guys are from somewhere other than the states/canada, let me know what you say! plus anything that makes me sound more well traveled i kind of love! also this follower was not being mean/rude in any way – she is one of the sweetest people i know! i just found it interesting and wanted to get a general consensus from you all.}.


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