apple10while we were in blue mountain for thanksgiving we decided to try our hand at apple picking! every fall when we’re buying fresh apples from our local market i always think how fun it would be to go apple picking. for some reason it’s just one of those things we never seem to get around to, but this year we were in the middle of ontario’s apple country so how could we not?! by the way, i took about 5,000 photos because hello, apples! and sunshine! and babies running around! and all kinds of cuteness! i tried my best to scale it down, but it was hard. so hopefully this won’t be too much photo overload for you guys.

apple6the twins are obviously a little too young to pick their own apples off the trees, but don’t let that fool you – i think they had more fun than anyone else at the entire orchard! thatcher was obsessed with all of the apples on the ground and didn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her eat them. she ran around and when she saw us picking the apples off the trees, begged me to pick her up so that she could try to grab them.

applebreck was just as happy and also didn’t quite understand that the apples on the ground were not for eating. he had a little bit of trouble walking around by himself since the ground was pretty uneven, but that didn’t stop him! he attached himself to one of us and crawled around everywhere. the giggles and screeches coming from his little mouth were so joyful and it made my heart full to see how happy they were.

apple5apple4apple2apple7we picked a few different kinds of apples, but unfortunately we weren’t able to harvest our own honey crisps {my favorite!}. not to worry though, we found a little apple stand by the side of the road and bought a bag full of them! i was surprised at how different each type of apple tasted. i guess it’s one of those things i’ve never really thought about, but each type has a very different flavor. i realized from this trip that i don’t like apples that have more of a sour flavor {which is kind of funny because i love sour everything}; however, the littles don’t care about sweet, sour, red, or green. they love every apple and since our trip they’ve eaten an apple everyday.

apple9apple12apple13apple11can we do this every weekend? you guys might think i’m joking, but i’m already thinking about the next time we can go! this is definitely going to be something we do every fall and i can’t wait to make all of the memories with the twins!

apple16apple14apple17apple15apple18apple22apple19do you guys see the happiness on these babies’ faces?! it was unreal how much fun they were having! sometimes i’m tempted to move us all to the country so that we can do these things everyday!apple21apple20apple23apple24by the way, do you guys have any favorite apple recipes?! maybe pies, dips, dinner dishes, etc. if so, leave them below!

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