happy labo(u)r day! I’m on my way back from a wonderful weekend away with my sister, a few cousins, and a friend. Obviously it wasn’t my bachelorette party (I’m still in denial that it’s been almost 6 years since my wedding – no way I can be that old); it was my sister’s.


i have to admit that i didn’t take nearly as many pictures as i wanted to/should have. but you can probably imagine what it was like – shopping, laying on the beach, lots of food, fun, and yes, more drinking than i’ve done in a very very long time (again, no way i can already be that old!). despite my massive headache, it was a really great trip though and i’m so glad i got to share this special time with my sister. family really is the most important, isn’t it?

IMG_0367^^ the only picture i took with my sister. and yes, i’ll admit this was after a long night out and a few too many drinks, but oh man was it fun!


it’s so funny because when i was telling people that i was going to my sister’s bachelorette weekend (in charleston, sc by the way) and leaving the twins in toronto with adam i always got one of two responses. #1 good for you – enjoy some time to yourself or #2 i don’t know how you can leave them. i’ve never left so and so (their kid) and don’t know if i could.
to the people who respond with #1 – right?! i mean come on, us mom’s are our own persons. we had a life and an identity before we had kids and it’s ok to keep some of that. yes, having children changes you, but it doesn’t have to change all (italics) of you and there’s nothing wrong with taking a little time to yourself. in fact i actually think it’s good for me and for the twins. they need quality alone time with their dad too and it’s important for them to form a strong bond with him as well. also, i think it’s good that they know that they can always go to him for things as well as me. and don’t get me wrong, i love those babies with my entire being, but sometimes i just need a break. i need time to regroup and to have adult conversation. and to not have to worry about feeding kids, diffusing meltdowns, and keeping two busy toddlers entertained. i love hanging out with the twins, but i also need some “me” time every once in a while. and i use to feel guilty for feeling that way, but now i know that it’s ok. and it’s better. for me. for adam. and for them. i want to show them that although i am their mom, that’s not all of me. i still have independence {a quality i really hope to pass on} and that it’s important to maintain other relationships as well. how can i hope for a strong bond between them if i don’t show them that i have a strong bond with my siblings? how can i preach independence when my life is so reliant upon them? mamas, i’m not telling you what to do or how to raise your kids, i’m just simply saying for me, i need some time to myself every now and again. and i think in the long run we will all be better for it.

and for the people who respond with #2 – you don’t have to “know how i can do it”. that’s ok too. because we’re all just trying to navigate this parent thing and if that’s what works for you and your family then don’t leave your kid ever. i’m sure you’re an amazing mom, just like i’m an amazing mom. we’re all different and what i need may not be what you need. and that’s ok.


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