IMG_0002_2sunday was a stay in pajamas, have a dance party, eat junk food, go out in the rain, and jump in puddles kind of day! it was really cold outside and had been raining all day, but we didn’t care. we had been sitting inside for most of the afternoon and just needed to get out so we decided to take a walk. at the start of our walk the rain continued to beat down, then as we approached a school in our neighborhood it turned to freezing rain, after the twins ran around in the school’s play lot and we were heading home, it started snowing! we were happy to see the snow {come on, no matter how much you hate the cold you have to admit that snow is way better than freezing rain!}, but it made me excited for warm spring rain, little rain boots, and the twins jumping through all of the puddles! i swear i’m not wishing time away and this stage is so much fun, but i can’t wait for warmer weather and two little sets of feet jumping through the rain! also, the twins were completely soaked and their knees were covered in mud, but isn’t that half the fun?! and sometimes you just need to jump in puddles!

IMG_0003_2IMG_0004_2IMG_0011_2IMG_0027_2^^ look at these happy kiddos! and happy babes makes a happy mama! is there anything better than seeing your littles smiling + laughing?!

IMG_0005_2IMG_0006_2IMG_0015_2IMG_0014_2IMG_0007_2IMG_0008_2IMG_0032_2ok, i’ll stop now, but just so you guys know i could go on. i have about 5,000 pictures of these two smiley babes! and seriously next time it rains, get outside and jump in the puddles! i promise you’ll have a blast!


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