happy monday y’all! i hope everyone had a great weekend!


this weekend adam + i did what we do best…ate lots and lots of food! we tried quite a few new places {and some oldies, but i’ll spare you those ones šŸ˜‰ }! up first – indie burger.Ā saturday for lunch we decided to walk down the street and try indie burgerĀ {well, i decided to try indie burger – adam had been there once while i was out of town}. we walk past indie burger almost everyday and for some reason have never stopped there. i got my typical boring cheeseburger while adam decided to try the chicken sandwich {and you know when the person you’re with orders something and you see/smell it and you think man, i should have gotten that? yep, that’s what i was feeling at the moment when adam’s sandwich came out}. overall, i thought the burger was really good. i’m getting pretty picky with my burgers now that i’ve tried a bunch and it’s becoming almost impossible for me not to eat something that has good quality ingredients and on this point, indie burger definitely scored high. my one criticism…it was expensive! $8 for a cheeseburger and that was before i added any ingredients – and once you add those on you are talking about $13-$14 for a 1/3 pound burger! now i love my burgers, but not enough to consistently spend that much on them. overall though, it was great spot!


after our lunch had settled on saturday we head over to frasca pizzeria + wine bar. i was so excited to try it out since i knew that their patio is super dog friendly! frasca isn’t very far from us, but for some reason we’ve never made it over there {even though we’ve said about a 100 times that we should go}. we’ve walked by it many times and the staff would always stop us to give gruber a treat and a sip of water {seriously one of the best places to take your dog!}. when we got there they gave us a table in a corner where gruber had plenty of room to stretch out {i hate when patios are super small and grubie is cramped in and can barely lay down}. they had an appetizer special that night which consisted of lots of cheese and meat and so once we heard that we told the waitress to go ahead and bring it out {we’re very decisive when it comes to food}. for dinner we figured we had to try the pizza, it is after all, what they are known for. i the spinaci pizza {spinach, bacon, caramelized onions, + goat cheese – yum!} while adam got the roasted potato {i bet you can guess the main ingredient on that one}. we also ordered wine, but i wasn’t crazy about the pinot noir i had – it was from chile and since i had never had a pinot noir from chile i figured i’d give it a shot. adam also got wine and when a fly flew in his glass and ruined it, the waitress offered to bring him a new one and even took the glass off our bill – great service! i can’t say enough positive things about frasca and i know adam + i {and gruber of course!} will be back soon!


ok, i know i said i wan’t going to mention any places we’ve already been, but i just have to make a quick mention about our favorite gelato place {read about our last visit here}. paciugo has opened a location in roscoe village!! yay! i was a little bummed that they didn’t have my favorite flavor {salted caramel}, but it did force me to try a new flavor {caramel apple} and oh boy was it yummy! i’m super excited that there’s a location a little closer to us so sorry about breaking my promise, but come on how could i leave that out?!


sunday morning we decided we wanted to take gruber over to our soon-to-be new ‘hood {fulton river district}. our temporary apartment is in this area and so we’ve decided to start exploring it a little more before we move over there in october. adam + i have been to the publican for both brunch and dinner in the past and it is fantastic! next time we go, i will definitely blog it for you guys so that you can see just what i mean when i talk about the delicious savory food there! right next door to the publican is a new place called publican quality meats {hopefully it goes without saying that these two places are “related”}. publican quality meats is a little more casual than the publican and has a much smaller selection. they are known for their meats {obviously} and i’m told they make a mean sandwich! even though their patio isn’t technically dog friendly {although we were told they should have their permit in about a month} they were nice enough to let gruber hang with us. adam got the breakfast cazuela and i tried the eggs in a basket. both dishes were delicious, although i was a little disappointed that my eggs in a basket came with tomatoes when i specifically asked for none. the staff was friendly, but the service was pretty bad. once our food came our waitress never returned to see how everything was and we even had to ask another waitress to find ours so we could have our check {we had been finished eating for about 10 minutes and were just waiting}. the food itself though was super yummy and i tried the lotus juice to go with it and oh man, i may have a new addiction!


since we were a little sour about the service over a publican quality meats we decided that it was definitely. totally. neccessary. to get doughnuts next door at glazed + infused. i have two things to say about glazed + infused and I’ll just leave it as that. #1 y.u.m. #2 i will never be able to eat krispy kreme ever again.


hope you guys had as great of a weekend as we did!

ps. i know a lot of you parents out there are excited because today is the first day of school for your kiddos! i saw lots of my neighbors walking to school this morning and even got to take a picture of a family and their brand new kindergartner! {it was so cute and the little boy was so excited} do you guys have any good first day of school stories? i’ve seen some really cute things parents have started doing on the first day of school and i’m already planning the cutesy and embarrassing things i’ll force my kids to do!

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