happy friday friends! i promised you two blog posts this week and gosh darn i am a woman of my word! so no matter how tired i am right now {and just for the record i am so so tired right now} i’m going to do this. the babes are taking their morning nap right now, the house is quiet, and i’ve got my venti starbucks coffee sitting in my lap, let’s do this! {side note: i hope that doesn’t sound pessimistic or like i don’t want to be blogging. i really do love this little blog and the community it’s created. but sometimes i’m just tired and i have to kind of talk myself into something. i mean don’t we all? it doesn’t mean i don’t love it, just that at this very moment i’m needing to dig down a little deeper than usual to find my motivation – which is usually the case when the twins are napping. i mean who doesn’t want to veg out and watch reruns of real housewives while their babes sleep? – please don’t answer that, i like to think everyone does this}bmbut anyway, onto our amazing little vacay from this past weekend! when we first moved to canada we knew that holidays were going to be a little more complicated. adam now gets canadian thanksgiving off instead of american thanksgiving, but none of our family has off or celebrates canadian thanksgiving so we thought to ourselves what would we do? celebrate both? skip canadian thanksgiving all together? skip american thanksgiving? {yeah, that thought only last about .2 seconds until we were both like hell no} it didn’t take long for us to decide to celebrate both, especially since we love food and the thought of getting to have turkey + all of the other goodies twice sounded like the best thing ever! so we quickly booked a trip to blue mountain {there’s an amazing resort there – westin trillium house} and decided to make it a little vacation for our family. as we drove up a local road and watched as the city streets faded into one lane nestled between trees turning yellow, orange, + red, i knew it was going to be a perfect getaway. and let me tell you, it really was. perfect. in every way.

bm1bm2we left toronto that morning and since it’s only about a 2 hour drive when we arrived we still had the entire afternoon to fill. we decided that the easiest thing to do was to head to “the village” right across from the hotel and do some exploring. the twins had a blast walking around {seriously you guys, i’ve decided i’m never bringing the stroller anywhere ever again. they won’t stay in it for more than 2 minutes!} there were shops, restaurants, and even live music going on in the main square! the picture above is breck enjoying the music – i’m telling you guys, now that he’s walking all over, he’s really enjoying life! i thought this boy was happy before, but it’s like he has these smiles now that i didn’t even know his face was big enough for!

bm3^^ and then the next day we found an apple orchard/pumpkin patch/petting zoo! and i’ve never seen the twins as excited as when they saw the animals here. i think i may have two future vets on my hands.

bm4bm5bm6bm7bm8^^ and this pie place! oh em gee! i kind of forgot to take pictures of the pies before we ate them, but we also tried these scones and yes, yes, yes! if you are ever in the area go. here. and if you’re curious we had the apple pie and the pumpkin pie and they were both delicious!

bm10bm11one of my┬álovely friends has a house in collingwood, ontario which is the town just next to blue mountain {about a 10 minute drive} and she so sweetly asked us to join her family for thanksgiving dinner. ^^ these were the only 2 pictures i got because i always feel so weird taking pictures in other people’s houses. i’m nervous they’ll think “why is she taking so many pictures of my home? and my child? and does she really think the food looks that good?” i know it’s probably just a stupid insecurity of mine, but you just never know how some people feel about that stuff and so i always try to be mindful when i’m in someone else’s environment.

bm12bm9and because that apple orchard/pumpkin patch/petting zoo place was so awesome we headed back there the next day to tire the twins out before adam + i went to a cidery and winery to do tastings!

bm13bm14bm15bm16bm17bm19bm21bm18bm20bm22bm23we had such an amazing long weekend and a wonderful first thanksgiving! and i didn’t even show you all of the pictures from our apple picking {saving those for another post}! this might even be the start of a new tradition while we’re here in canada. happy thanksgiving to all of you!


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