oh what a fun year it has been! challenging? yes. but also so exciting! i remember thinking on the eve of 2015 that there was no way our year could be as crazy as it had been in 2014 {anyone remember that crazy pregnancy of mine/newborn twins?!}, but little did i know 2015 had so much more in store for us. this year brought a move to a new country, new friends, 1st birthdays, many milestones, THREE moves, multiple plane rides, sweet hellos and sad goodbyes, lots of dirty diapers, many sleepless nights, long hugs, loving kisses, and countless hours of giggles! i somehow fell even more in love with my little family this year {didn’t know that was even possible} and as i look back at all of the memories we made i realize just how much we packed into this crazy awesome year! i would say that there is NO WAY 2016 can be any more action-packed than 2015, but i think i learned my lesson last year. and for those of you wondering if i have any resolutions for 2016 – no! i don’t really do resolutions, but i do take time to reflect on each year and always try to think about how i want the following year to be different. so here’s to 2016 being different! hope you all have a wonderful, joy-filled, and most of all fun year ahead! here’s a few of our favorite blog moments from 2015!

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