i had planned on posting this on monday, but we’ve been hanging out in the beautiful canadian country since last saturday and i accidentally forgot my laptop {oops! / it was kind of a blessing in disguise}. we had so much fun and i learned a lot about how canadian’s celebrate thanksgiving, but more about that later! and since i had planned on posting this on monday, i may actually give you guys 2 posts this week…woah woah, i know, things are getting crazy up in here.


but anyway, back to chicago. a week and a half ago we headed down to our hometown for a work function for adam/just for fun. we had a dinner to attend so decided to have my parents come out so that we could have babysitters. on friday we drove overnight from toronto and unfortunately when we arrived in chicago at 3am we weren’t able to check into the hotel and so we tried to find things to do with 2 sleeping babies and a dog while being super exhausted. needless to say that when the twins woke up at 4:30am, ready to start the day, we were not feeling it. we were lucky enough that one of our favorite diner’s was open and so we headed there first. once my parents got in, we went straight back to the hotel and although our room still wasn’t ready, my parent’s was. so we stole their bed while they stole our kids for a few hours {thank you mom + dad!}. {side note: i really hate these overnight drives, but it’s the only way the twins will last the entire trip in their carseat. we do their entire bedtime routine at home and then basically instead of sticking them in their cribs, we stick them in their carseats.  usually they sleep the entire trip and adam + i are able to make it in 8 hours without 2 screaming kids. it’s great for them, and shitty for us. but, life’s about them; so we do it.} needless to say, that first day was pretty much a waste of a day since we were so so tired. but, on the 2nd day we really started the fun.

chicago3we headed to one of our favorite spots – tre kronor. it’s a swedish restaurant and to say we’ve missed their brunch {hello salmon quiche} is an understatement. i was drooling the entire drive and while we were all a little bummed that there was such a long wait, it was ok because it let me get in some shopping at the sweden shop right next door.

chicago1chicago5^^ my awesome parents. we were old news while they were there and b + t pretty much only wanted to do what they were doing.

chicago4chicago6^^ although when it comes to this girl and her daddy everyone else might as well just be invisible.

chicago7i’m going to go ahead and warn you guys right now. there may be an accidental food theme to these photos. i didn’t realize it while we were there, but now that i’m going through pictures i’m definitely noticing that we ate a ton of food {but what else is new?}.

chicago9chicago8chicago10^^ i discovered that one of our other favorite spots, southport grocery, has the. best. kids’. meal. ever. the twins devoured their plates of food. if you’re in chicago with little ones, check it out!chicago11chicago12and since we had one more brunch with my parents still there {can you tell what our favorite meal of the day is?} we visited one of our other favorite spots, little goat. and then sadly said goodbye to nori + pops {my parents} and adam too!

chicago13chicago14once everyone ditched us, the twins and i decided to make our own fun in the city for a few days. we started out by meeting up with some friends at millennium park. thatcher had a blast playing with her friend, brynn. and as per usual, breck hung out with the adults and did his own thing. but, they both had a blast and i loved seeing two of my good friends!

chicago15chicago16chicago17chicago18^^ these ladies + i have been through some crazy things. they are so special to me and i can’t wait to see all of our babies grow up together.

chicago19^^ we visited the bean. my first time! it’s kind of funny that after almost 9 years in chicago it took me coming back to the city as a tourist to go to arguably it’s most famous spot.

chicago20^^ and then on wednesday, this happened! yes, that’s breck. not holding anyone’s hand. cruising all around the playground. by himself. my baby is walking. like really walking. he had been taking steps for a while now, but it’s like something just clicked on wednesday. he didn’t crawl one bit that entire day and hasn’t since. i was a little worried about having two walking babies, but it’s actually been really nice not having to go everywhere with him. his confidence has bloomed and he’s running after his sister everywhere now. it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

chicago21^^ and because i was so proud of this boy i couldn’t stop snapping pics of him!

chicago22^^ at the end of the trip we were reunited with this sweet boy who was spending the week with our sweet friend, daniele. we picked him up, grabbed dinner, then hit the road for another overnight drive. luckily the drive went smoothly and we arrived in toronto a little sad {have i mentioned how much we love chicago?!}, but safe. see you again soon, chicago! we miss you already!

side note: it still feels so weird to not call chicago home. i find myself missing it like crazy lately. i thought this trip would give me my “fill” and tame my homesickness a little, but it actually just made me miss it even more. we’ll be in toronto for the next month and i’m hoping that being in our new house and our new neighborhood it’ll start to feel a little more homey. that’s not to say though that i haven’t met some amazing people here – because i have! and the fall weather is certainly helping as well, but oh man it’s just nothing like chicago. that city has my whole heart and i don’t know if it’ll ever be topped.


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