last week we were hanging out in chicago to celebrate the twins’ birthday {side note: i can’t believe it’s already been a week since their bday!}. it was a short trip {we were only there for 2 1/2 days}, but i think we managed to pack quite a bit in.


we got into the city around lunch time on wednesday and decided to immediately head to one of our favorite spots. we first fell in love with chef stephanie izard’s food when we met her at a charity dinner in colorado and her chicago restaurant girl and the goat¬†quickly became our “go to” spot for date nights. with kids though, unfortunately girl and the goat isn’t really an option {although if you are ever traveling/live in chicago, i highly highly recommend you make a reservation here!} however, their “sister” spot, which boasts a much more casual vibe, with food that is just as delicious, is just across the street and so whenever we are traveling with the twins we always make sure we stop here!

IMG_0146^^ breck is a serious colorer. kid doesn’t mess around when it comes to his coloring.

IMG_0155^^ waiting on the valet. if these two aren’t city kids…

the next day i was super excited because if this social media stuff isn’t just the greatest! i had met a sweet mama on instagram about a year ago {right after we moved from chicago, go figure} and we had vowed that the next time i had the twins in the city that we had to do a playdate and oh man am i so glad we did! not only was this mama fabulous, but her kiddos were adorable! and i’m pretty sure thatcher has her first boyfriend. not only did she walk hand in hand with bram around the field museum, but she is still talking about him to this day. the twins could have stayed and played all day!

IMG_0177IMG_0180IMG_0195IMG_0207IMG_0196IMG_0201^^ anybody else only get blurry shots any time they try to use the self timer on their camera?!

later that afternoon we headed over to buck town for some gelato! proof that the twins do have some of me in them.

IMG_0244IMG_0237IMG_0235^^ i finally get a non-blurry picture and these are the faces i get from the twins. notice the contrast between adam’s pic with them and my pic with them. i swear they plan it.

after buck town, we headed to our old ‘hood – lake view. this city and this neighborhood still hold my heart. and i’m not going to lie, adam and i couldn’t help, but talk about moving back to chicago one day.


and then it was birthday day! you guys i seriously can’t believe that i have 2 year olds now! i’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that i no longer have babies {i mean just look at those big kid faces}. but i digress…

we started out the day the best way we know how – with our favorite donuts!

IMG_0314IMG_0308^^ again, more proof that even though they are mini adams {although i keep hearing more people say thatcher looks like me}, they have some of me in them!

from there we decided we needed to eat a “real” breakfast and so we headed to our favorite swedish spot – tre kronor – for our favorite brunch foods!

IMG_0325-2^^ she’s a serious egg eater. it’s 1 of 5 foods she’ll actually eat right now.

IMG_0331^^ we also threw in a trip to the aquarium that morning {i told you we packed a lot into our short trip}, but as you can tell by the looks on their faces this didn’t go so well. we thought it would be fun to see the dolphin show there, but here’s my best “chicago advice” – if you go to the shedd aquarium, skip the dolphin show! it was beyond boring, even for adam + i, let alone 2 two year olds! we lasted about an hour there, but no one was happy so we scrapped it and decided to grab some coffees and lunch instead.

IMG_0340IMG_0342^^ thatcher napped on our drive back up north to another one of our favorite neighborhoods, roscoe village, but breck didn’t. so faced with a cranky kid and a kid who had replenished their energy level we decided to throw them both in the stroller and head to some shops. about 10 mins into our walk though breck was fast asleep and thatcher was screaming to get out of the stroller. so we parked it, got some more gelato {thatcher would only eat chocolate peanut butter}, and let breck sleep until the twins’ 2 year well check.

IMG_0356post shots and all these two were actually still pretty happy {in fact, thatcher didn’t even really cry when she got hers} so we decided to go meet some friends for birthday cupcakes! {we counted this as dinner too. good parenting, right?!}

IMG_0361IMG_0368IMG_0381^^ and before ending our birthday trip we finished the night opening their first gift. we’ve known these 2 kiddos’ sweet parents for 7 years now and seeing our little ones together only made my heart swell for chicago even more. we really do miss it and the wonderful people who live there everyday. adam and i are already planning our next trip and plotting out how we can get back there for good one day!




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