chiwe spent a couple of days last week in chicago. it was kind of weird to be back in the city we’ve called home for the last 9 years, but no longer live in. it felt a little less homey since we were in a hotel, but mostly it just kind of felt like we had been on vacation in toronto for a few weeks and were now back in our city. the transition to toronto has been a little harder than i anticipated. there are bigger differences than i expected and not really knowing anyone {although i have recently met a couple of awesome ladies}, is kind of¬†isolating sometimes. so this trip was much needed and knowing that we will be heading back to toronto instead of chicago after this holiday {is that what they say in canada?}, made it really hard to leave. i will say that it was a ton of fun to be a tourist in our own city though! and if you live in a big city, i highly recommend just taking a weekend and doing all of the things you take for granted.

we pretty much ate our way through the city hitting our favorite spots like little goat, santorini, and tre kronor. we also discovered crepes in the park in lincoln square {highly highly recommend} and gave the twins their first taste of gelato at our favorite spot, paciugo {they loved their caramel peanut butter}! breck found a water fountain that he thought was magical. and we squeezed in a visit with my lovely friend, maribel, and her adorable brand new baby girl! as well as two of our best friends and their adorable little ones! it was a quick trip and while i wish we could have stayed longer, it was perfect. i know we’ll be back soon, but honestly it won’t be soon enough. i take back every negative thing i ever said about chicago – it’s the best city there is! and here’s a few {or 20} photos to prove it…

chi2chi3chi1^^ according to adam, this is the best breakfast sandwich he’s ever eaten. well done, little goat.

chi4chi5chi8chi6^^ baby snuggles! maybe i can talk adam into having just one more…

chi7chi9chi10^^ this poor dog. thatcher would not leave him alone. she even stole his bed!

chi11chi12chi13^^ this grilled calamari is one of my favorite dishes!…in all of chicago!

chi14chi15chi16chi17chi18chi19^^ these boys! how did i get so lucky?!

chi20chi21^^ the twins thought kate was the best thing since sliced bread! {by the way, do people still say that?!} thatcher followed her around all night long and breck thought everything she did was just the funniest thing!


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