IMG_6010happy friday friends! i’m still coming to terms with the holidays being over {why can’t it be christmas forever?} and so i’m giving you one last holiday post. and yes, i promise this will be it…until next year anyway.

IMG_6020the engelsons {my side of the fam} have a christmas eve tradition of baking/decorating cookies. it’s been our tradition since i can remember and something that i hope i get to do with b + t every year as well. usually we play christmas music while we bake, decorate, and fight over who gets to lick the spoon. when my brother, sister, + i are together we also turn this fun activity into a fierce competition of who can decorate the best cookie {the winner gets to eat the first one}. because what’s a fun family activity without a little sibling rivalry, right?

IMG_6036IMG_6040IMG_6048^^ thatcher + my mom were the official cookie bakers this year {breckie was napping} and i was helping out while also doing some other christmas eve things {nothing like last minute gift wrapping}. thatcher had a blast and spent the entire time smiling, giggling, and just being in awe of her nori {my mom}. she was really taking everything in and was mimicking everything my mom was doing. perhaps we have a future baker on our hands? and although part of the tradition is baking cookies from an old family recipe and then decorating them with a homemade icing, i’m not super traditional and so much to my mother’s dismay, i decided to rely on my old friend, betty crocker.

IMG_6052IMG_6056^^ the decorating is fun, but the best part is eating the cookies! again, poor breckie missed out {that boy sure does love his sleep}, but don’t worry thatcher + i ate one…or three…for him.

IMG_6064IMG_6079^^ we weren’t alone though. b + t’s best friend, collins, and her adorable little brother, lennon, came over and helped us decorate/eat cookies as well! i mean just look how cute these little munchkins are! and not to mention, their parents are pretty awesome too!


christmas traditions are so much more fun with kiddos! i used to think that i loved christmas before i had b + t, but now that i’m getting to do everything through a child’s eyes again, it’s even more magical. this year was so much fun, but i know it’s only going to get better. so until next christmas i’ll just have to stock up on christmas tree candles {best smell ever} and watch my favorite holiday movies {hello griswold family + kevin mccallister}. FYI : 351 days until Christmas 2016! Let the countdown begin!


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