xmaswe had such a great time hanging out in raleigh for the holidays. you can check out iphone pics HERE. we spent time with our families, ate a lot of great food, + strolled around the city we grew up in. gruber was not very happy with the weather – what’s up with 70 degrees in december, raleigh?! i mean is it too much to ask for a white christmas? just one year. please? our trip started out like any other christmas vacation at the engleson household…by making cookies! every year since i can remember it has always been a tradition in my family to make cookies and decorate them. we play christmas music and stand around in the kitchen talking about past holidays and baking + decorating cookies {we even make our own icing}. this year adam + i missed out on the baking part, but that didn’t stop us from decorating, which always starts out “serious”, but then some how just ends up with purple christmas trees and yellow santa clauses. and no cookie decorating would be complete without a little competition. the person who makes the “best” cookie gets to eat the first one. i think my mom won this time. of course there’s always next year…xmas1 xmas2 xmas3 xmas4 xmas5 xmas7 xmas8 xmas9 xmas10 xmas11 xmas12 xmas13 xmas14 xmas15 xmas16

one more christmas tradition in the engleson household is glögg; a swedish alcoholic drink. the glögg is made during the day and then it sits over night and is enjoyed the following day. to be honest, i’m not a big fan of it, but i always drink a little.xmas17xmas18

and this has nothing to do with christmas, but i caught this cute little squirrel stealing food from the bird feeder in my parents’ backyard.xmas6


  1. Pam
    January 3, 2014 at 7:29 am (4 years ago)

    Nice..I talked to Mimi and they enjoyed the holiday sooo much. Nice to see photos of them.


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