happy holidays! we hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season – and are enjoying time with the ones you love, no matter what holiday it is you are celebrating! we’re still in north carolina visiting our families and this is where we had our christmas this year. in the past i’ve been pretty good about documenting our christmas morning, but i have to admit that this year i took a lot less photos than i would have liked. at the time i felt really present in the moment, but now i have to be honest, i’m wishing i would have documented the memories a little better. it’s such a hard balance isn’t it? 

i’m still a little surprised how well the twins “got it” this year. we visited santa a couple of times and they actually understood that he brings the presents and were excited to see him {although once it came time to actually sit on his lap, their excitement turned into “i can’t be bothered to sit – i’ll give you a high five, steal a candy cane, and then run as fast as i can to the play area” (breck) and “i’ll sit on your lap and take a few pictures, but i won’t say anything more than hi and bye and i’ll stare you down just so you know who’s really the boss” (thatcher)}. it was a mostly successful trip though and by the time we saw him the second time (at a polar express train ride) breck was yelling his name and thatcher was high fiving him. and although this isn’t our christmas morning – here’s one of my favorite shots from the train ride…

ok, back to christmas day {even though i could seriously post about 100 of these shots of them holding hands walking around the train yard – isn’t it just the sweetest?!}. christmas morning the twins were so excited to go downstairs. thatcher was a little {ok, a lot} disappointed that santa gave her the gray stocking instead of the red stocking {red is her favorite color at the moment}, but after a few moments and explaining to her that she got to rip open presents she seemed to get over it. oh 2 year olds.

^^ she went right into ripping open her gifts and she absolutely loved her new backpack for school! 

breck on the other hand needed some motivation when it came to opening presents. he would have much rather just played with the first toy he opened. i swear when i say these two are total opposites i couldn’t be more truthful. 

and did you guys notice that i made us all wear our matching pajamas again this year?! i plan on doing this for the rest of our lives, even though adam is less thrilled about this tradition than i am {he even “forgot” his green striped shirt this year, but not to worry – i have a back-up red one so he didn’t have to miss out}. 

after we opened our santa gifts my grandparents, sister, and brother-in-law all came over and we ate our annual christmas morning breakfast. after breakfast we exchanged the rest of our gifts. as the morning went on, thatcher got more and more excited about the unwrapping and soon started unwrapping everyone’s gifts for them. breck on the other hand got less and less interested in doing anything related to christmas and so i hate to admit it, but we had to resort to the iphone to keep him still and calm so that we could finish up everything {no judgements please}.

after breck calmed down and adam + i were able to get back to gift opening we helped thatcher open her most favorite gift…

a superhero costume! she was so so excited when she opened it – demanded it be put on right away and then ran up to my parents’ room so she could see herself in their full length mirror. my mom confessed that she had originally picked out a princess outfit {thatcher’s been pretty obsessed with princesses for a while now}, but then changed her mind when she saw this cape + mask, complete with cat ears. i think it’s safe to say she made a pretty good choice.

^^ seriously could this girl be any more awesome? my own little super girl finally has the outfit to match.

the morning continued with more gifts and some snuggles with family. and in these moments i felt so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. 

^^ my beautiful grandparents. i’m so happy breck and thatcher get to have these wonderful people in their lives.

after gifts we let the twins get a little bit of energy out before heading over to do christmas afternoon with adam’s family. {also i’m so sad i forgot to bring my camera over there and so have no pictures from all the fun we had}.

the twins skipped nap and had what can only be described as a fun, but overwhelming day so at the end of it i got the best christmas gift i could have ever asked for…

… this boy snuggled fast asleep on my shoulder. i can’t even remember the last time that happened and i fear this may be the last time it ever happens. as another year comes to an end i can’t believe how fast b + t are growing. it’s amazing to watch these two year after year and i honestly can’t wait for next christmas! hope you all are having a wonderful season! hugs and love from the engleson-ressners! 

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  1. The Weiss Guys
    December 30, 2016 at 7:58 am (1 year ago)

    Merry Christmas, Fellow Twinkies!


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