happy monday! i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving with loved ones! adam + i spent thanksgiving {and the weekend} up in door county wisconsin. since this was the first thanksgiving in a long time that we had someone joining us for the holiday {thanks for coming along kevin!} we decided to leave the city and rent a little cabin “in the country”. besides traffic getting out of the city on wednesday afternoon the trip was perfect! we all had a lot of fun {although, none of us more than gruber who was in heaven with all of the snow and free space to roam}!

every year our “traditions” seem to evolve. i love that no holiday is the same, but that each holiday has an element that is important to adam + i and that those elements carry over year after year. i know our traditions will continue to change and i’m excited to see where they go. i hope that door county {or maybe just renting something outside of the city} becomes a tradition as well. i know that life won’t always be so simple though and that it may not be possible to carry on everything we want, but that’s kind of the great thing about it, right? that even if it only lasts for a short time we can still look back and say, remember when we used to…? this thanksgiving really was about as close to perfect as it could get {wish we could have had a little more family with us}. hope you guys had a wonderful holiday as well. and to all of you out there that are also celebrating hanukkah…happy hanukkah!

door1^^our cabin. i think this picture looks like one of those car commercials where the family drives through the treacherous winter conditions just to get to their cabin in the woods so that they can hang the traditional ornament or light the christmas tree…doesn’t it?

door3door4door2door5door6door7^^on thanksgiving morning we headed to downtown jacksonport for the local parade. although it wasn’t quite the macy’s parade,  it was perfectly quaint.

door8door9^^ when i say this dog was in heaven, it’s an understatement. the “yard” was huge and we’re lucky that gruber is not the kind of dog that will run off so even though it wasn’t fenced he was able to run around and romp through the snow.

door10^^ the day after thanksgiving we headed to egg harbor for the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. gruber was fascinated by all of the lights. this may have been my favorite part of the trip. as the christmas tree was lit {by santa of course} the entire crowd broke out in christmas carols. it was a perfect way to start off the holiday season.

door11^^ this flavored popcorn is amazing. we had banana flavored the last time we were in door county {4 years ago} and knew that we were going to have to make another trip when we were here this time. we picked up cherry, caramel apple, and of course chicago style {caramel + cheddar}. they were gone before we left a couple of days later.


ps. there are no pictures of our thanksgiving dinner because adam + i decided not to cook this year. but, on a side note: we had a really great thanksgiving buffet at the english inn in fish creek complete with my favorite…swedish meatballs!

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