today is a cold, gray day in chicago and the twins and i have been stuck inside. to pass the time and to brighten our spirits we’ve been going through some old photos {i can’t believe how small my babies were!}. i actually do this a lot when i’m having a blah day. it usually makes me smile and brings back fun memories. so today as i was going through my pictures and uploading some to my new laptop {eek!!} i found a handful from a couple of weeks ago when my mom, her 3 sisters, and 2 of my cousins came to visit/meet the twins and i can’t believe i forgot to tell you guys all about it! we had such a fun visit and the twins were in love! not only was i so glad to have my family around, but the extra hands were very appreciated. we went shopping, snuggled babies, and i even got to eat out at a restaurant…twice!



fam7looking at these pictures i realize 1. how much i love my family, 2. how much i miss having them close by, and 3. how much my babies have changed in the last few weeks! it’s great how a major life event {ie. babies being born} can bring a family together and i’m so lucky i have such a great one! we may not get to see each other as much as we would like, but our love is so big. breck and thatcher are very lucky to have such a loving family and i can’t wait to see them with all of their aunts/uncles and cousins {hint hint, siblings}!

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