happy hump day everyone! hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend!


i want to make one thing clear. this is not a food blog. i repeat, this. is. not. a. food. blog. it just so happens that adam + i love to eat food. a lot of food. all the time. and in a city like chicago, it’s hard not to blog about all the wonderful food. and since this weekend we didn’t really do much except eat…here you go.

friday night we headed over to roscoe village to try volo restaurant + wine bar. i was excited to finally try this place since the chef {stephen dunne} used to be the chef at one of our old favorite spots {paramount room}. i was also excited that they are a wine bar since i love oregon pinot noir and was hoping they would have something from there. sadly, they did not. i did try a pinot from california though and it was pretty good. volo’s menu is the typical contemporary american sharing menu – small plates and lots of dishes. we ordered 7 different dishes, but to be honest, we weren’t that impressed with any of them. none of the dishes were bad, but none were out-of-this-world amazing either. it was a little wet that night so we didn’t get to check out their back patio {i’ve heard the atmosphere is really great back there}, but i can say that the inside was nice. it was quiet and gave adam + i the chance to really talk to each other {i hate when i have to yell at the top of my lungs just to say something}. i’m not sure if we would go back – although one positive is that it’s right across from our favorite gelato place!


saturday morning we headed over to one of our favorite brunch spots {which i realized that i’ve never mentioned on here!}. ann sather is a pretty well known place in chicago and my guess is that if you are from here, you’ve been to one of them {there’s a few around the city}. i think their brunch food is pretty good, but everyone that’s ever been there knows that the crown jewel is the cinnamon rolls! they are mouth-watering good. in fact, just talking about it now is making me drool. also, if you haven’t tried it yet – get the applesauce. it’s really really tasty!


sunday we headed over to one of our favorite bbq places {smoque}. remember, the pearl jam party we hosted? {read about it here} all of our food was catered by smoque. it’s pretty far north and out of the way, but it is so worth the drive. they have great pork + brisket and we never hesitate to make the trip up there! it was a beautiful day on sunday and we were able to sit out on their patio. if you are looking for great bbq in the city, this is definitely one of the best places!



monday we decided to head out to get brunch at bakin’ + eggs in lakeview {our ‘hood}. we had been there a few times before and had never been too impressed with it, but since it’s so close we decided it’d just be easiest to go there. i’m not sure if i just hadn’t ever ordered the “right” thing off the menu or if they have improved, but i got the croissant breakfast sandwich and all i have to say is yum! the egg was perfectly cooked and the croissant was flaky and warm and the cheese was melted and man oh man could i eat another one right now. before monday i probably wouldn’t have recommended this place, but now i’ve had a change of heart. i’d definitely say that if you are up in my ‘hood, check it out!



ps. do any of you guys ride those divvy bikes that are all over the city? my understanding is that there is one divvy red bike and that if you find it you get prizes or something like that? well, i just so happened to come across it this weekend at southport + roscoe. and even though i haven’t tried it out yet, it made me super excited!


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