IMG_5928-2ok, i’ll warn you guys right now. i still have a couple of posts from the christmas season that i want to get out and this is one of them. i had intentions of posting this right after christmas, but you know…life. so i’m doing it now and reliving the memories and wishing that christmas just wouldn’t end! {have i told you guys how obsessed i am?!} i’m also kind of having a “i miss my mommy + daddy” moment too. although i’m starting to really enjoy living in toronto it’s just so hard to be away from family sometimes. yesterday thatcher begged to talk to her nori {my mom} and even ran to the room they had been staying in and was looking for “nona and pop pop” {nori + pops – my parents}. it was funny that she remembered that they had been in that room {they left a week ago} and also kind of heartbreaking at the same time. sometimes i can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to live close to them and have the twins see them everyday, and who knows maybe one day that will happen. for now though, we’ll just have to settle for really fun visits!


you might start recognizing this place – the distillery district – as we’ve been here a few times and recently have been loving spending time in the area. it’s an old distillery area {duh} that has cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants. the twins can run around, i can shop, + adam can grab a drink – it’s pretty much the perfect family spot! although we’ve been quite a few times, my parents hadn’t been yet so seeing as it was a couple of days before christmas and the toronto christmas market had been set up there – we thought it would be a fun spot to show them. unfortunately when we got there we realized the christmas market was no longer going on {what’s up with that toronto?! it was december 23!!!}. but we didn’t really mind since there are lots of other things to do in the area.

IMG_5852IMG_5855^^ starting with lunch {our first stop always} i was already so thankful for the extra hands. a little tip for day outings – always do food first. we make sure that no matter where we are there is a kid-friendly place to get the twins some food. this way we’re sure that they have a full belly and no reason to be hangry. this usually makes for a pleasant day/afternoon. i also pack an array of snacks just in case they need something extra on a long outing. we’ve found that in the distillery district a place called mill street pub has a great kids menu, is loud, and very casual – the perfect combo for two rambunctious toddlers!

IMG_5864IMG_5882IMG_5888IMG_5892IMG_5895^^ these two ran around + crawled over everything! we found an indoor shopping area where adam could wrangle them while my parents + i were able to get a little shopping in. i’m finding it harder and harder to keep these two in the stroller for long periods when i have helping hands with me. it’s funny because when we are alone, they will sit in the stroller for hours. but the second they realize there is another person with us {even if it’s just adam} they are begging to get out!

IMG_5931IMG_5913IMG_5915IMG_5920it’s so fun to watch b + t explore new areas. their wide eyes are always set forward as they try to take everything in. it’s amazing to see the curiosity, wonder, and excitement on their faces. there are moments where they people-watch so hard and other times where they seem oblivious to their surroundings. they stop and stare at the smallest details which is actually my favorite part about being out with them. as i walk on by another christmas flower arrangement, thatcher stops and analyzes each part of it; which in turn makes me stop and analyze every part of it. and all of a sudden i realize that the flowers have glitter painted on their leaves and there are little wishes tied to some of the branches – details that i would have missed, and that make it not just another christmas flower arrangement. and as we were walking on these very cobblestones breck all of a sudden stopped, crouched down, and began staring as hard as he could at something on the ground. at first i was a little annoyed thinking he had seen another piece of trash {we stop about 20,000 times a day to look at half a napkin, rolled up gum wrapper, etc}, but then i realized that something was written on the brick. as i read the note written in chalk {it just said merry christmas} i thought to myself, i wonder how many other things i’ve missed? and the little merry christmas made me smile, and also stopping and reading it aloud to breck, made him smile. and it was a small moment that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t stopped me. kids really are amazing and i can’t help but think, wouldn’t we all be so lucky to just spend one day looking at the world through a child’s eyes?

IMG_5951IMG_5974IMG_5981IMG_5977^^ she’s so much cooler than i’ve ever been.


taking a pic with daddy
taking a pic with me

IMG_5970IMG_5972^^ story. of. my. life.


it was such a fun day hanging in the fresh air and spending time with my parents. i’m still having a hard time excepting that their 2nd christmas has come + gone, and that we are in 2016 – the twins’ THIRD year! {i know they’re only one, but they were born in 2014, obviously alive in 2015, and now it’s 2016 – that’s 3 different years!} it’s been a fun couple of weeks and getting back to reality tomorrow is going to stink {can i just keep adam home everyday?!}, but we’re looking forward to all of the fun we are going to have! hope you all have a great week as well!

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